Just another Bangalore dog…

Bangalore dog

I am just another dog in Bangalore.

A dog, sunk too deep in pensive thoughts, for his own comfort. If you were to pass by 100 feet road, Indiranagar ― you might notice me by the ever-receding shade of trees. Just another Bangalore dog, lost in the humdrum.

Most of my day, I am either sleeping or about to go to sleep. In between my reveries, I do a great lot of thinking.

Of the many thoughts that rattle my skull, the most pertinent is a Bob Dylan-esque question: how many trees would humans chop down before they realize it is too late?

And if trees could just move about like birds, would they?

Now, that brings me to another great conundrum, one that deals with commands we dogs understand quite well – stay or go.

Perhaps all that gets lost in translation, like dead silence of the lovers, invokes you to move forth. I once knew a cat from Coorg who believed intermittent pauses made conversations interesting.

But move you must, remember how sharks must keep swimming or they die?

If dogs could move on like humans, should they wait forever?

But stories have a way of finding you again.

Don’t they?

I am… features snippets and stories of cats, dogs and other friends this roving dog have met in places near and far.

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