I am a dog in Gurgaon

i am a dog in gurgaon

I am a dog in Gurgaon.

This is where the sun shines and seasons shuffle but a doggo in a different part of the world would say the same for his land.

I have forgotten much about it but I wasn’t always a stray. I once had a home here. I was picked up from somewhere here and my lady often quipped that she fell in love with me for I could love the broken her. It is a different story altogether that she left me the day she realised I came with my brokenness too (read: mixed-breed).

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My days’ sweep by waiting for the nights and my nights yearn for the days’.  Everything and everyone seems to move pretty fast here, the cars, the metro, the people… while I lay in stillness. 

The elections are over and the fanfare would move on to the next big thing. And I still wait. Maybe I always will. We dogs are built differently; even mutts like me.   

Until next time, remember Gurgaon’s a bustling place, so keep your human close on walks, watch out for traffic, and don’t forget to schedule belly rub and water breaks. 

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