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I am a stray dog

In this guest post, ‘I am a stray dog’, Amrita Paul questions the indifference the so-called ‘pet-owners’ have towards the homeless dogs. Is the pedigree that necessary for our friend; to have not the privilege of a pet, but at least the equal rights to survive? Being a dog who has seen the roads up, close and personal, I know enough to reason that not everyone who has a dog is, a dog lover.

I’m just another stray dog

About a month ago, a stray dog in my area had a fight with someone’s pet pit bull. But, before we begin assuming this to be a case of a stray attacking a pet, let me share the full story.

I am a stray dog
Return of the King: The day ‘Brownie’ returned from the hospital.

My father feeds the homeless dogs in the vicinity late into the night when the roads are empty and all neighbours are asleep. That night, he had just finished feeding them and was on his way back home, when he saw a boy walking the pit bull and talking on the phone simultaneously. As my father parked his car outside our house, he saw the pit bull get loose from his leash and run towards my house to attack Brownie, the stray dog. As he shouted at the boy to quickly hold the pit bull, the dog just grabbed Brownie on the neck; and that very instant Brownie got hold of his mouth.

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The boy started hitting Brownie with a big lathi and chain, trying to get him to leave the pit bull’s mouth. My father began shouting at him saying that it is not fair to hit a dog, that too so harshly. The lathi or chain could break Brownie’s back. It was important to control the pit bull first. Some man passing by in his car stopped and explained how to get both the dogs separated, and that is when Brownie ran and sat in front of my house in total shock while the pit bull was taken away. All my father told the pit bull’s owner was that if someone keeps a big dog, then one ought to be careful. Letting a dog loose or talking on the phone while walking cannot be an option.

And all I wondered was – just because Brownie is a stray does not make his life, less important or hold him accountable for the fight. The pit bull attacked Brownie first. Brownie is a brave dog. Despite being hit by a lathi and chain, he did not let go of the pit bull because he knew that holding the mouth was the only way to prevent the dog from crushing his neck further. If Brownie had not done that I shudder to think what would have happened that night. No other stray in my area has as many wits or strength to withhold such a fight for survival as Brownie did.

I sometimes wonder what happens in such situations. The pet has his owner take him home, cuddle him and get him treated. But what happens to the stray dog, who is not only attacked by the pet but also by humans. He is blamed for the fight and then left on the road all by himself in a state of shock, with no one to love him. If not treated, he may fall sick or get maggots and die.

Brownie was at the hospital for almost three and a half weeks undergoing treatment. I even heard that though initially aggressive, he slowly became very loving with the staff there. He is out on the road now and happy as ever to get his freedom back. I just want to wish him luck to get his confidence back and stay happy and healthy, always!

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7 thoughts on “I am a stray dog”

  1. I agree, People really aren’t bothered about the stray dogs, even those who have a pet of their own.

    I say so, because d same incident happened wid my stray puppy as well. he was jus 3 months old when he was attacked by the pet dog of my neighbor. the pet was also an Indian breed. He was adopted but sadly was not taken care off. Ghar pe koi hota ni tha and they used to leave him in the balcony. Only when they came back in the evening they used to let him inside the house. poor fellow. I think that is what has made him a vry ferocious dog.

    I very well remember I had just come back from work and suddenly Dad came running and said “beta, chotu ko samne walo k kutte ne kaat lia”, I ran down and what I see is my liitle baby in a pool of blood. the Pet dog had cought hold of him from the back and had brutally bitten him. when i asked my neighbor to give me d adress of the vet..she said “beta, mujhe ni malum” and she was least bothered. I called the SPCA people, they said it wud take 45 minutes to reach my place. I cudn’t wait until den. Chotu was bleeding and was in a lot of pain. :'( I managed to get a vet’s adress and took him to doc. there were three deep bites on chotu’s back and there was no movement in his hind legs. an x-ray was taken, sadly chotu’s backbone had broken into two. The doc said he will have to be ‘put to sleep’ as he was in a very bad state and there was no point in treating as there were no chances of recovery. I pleaded to the doc to do anything, to make him stay. Unfortunately, the Doc said he was helpless and then it was decided to let Chotu go. He was laid to rest. I didn’t want him to go. He was my baby, had been taking care of the lot since the day they were born. I love him and miss him a lot :'(

    1. I can’t say about others but people I know who has ex-street dogs as pet haven taken care like their own. I have a ex street dog of my own that is very much spoiled and lives like a princess ??.

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