The Dog Who Knew Me

The Dog Who Knew Me She laughed his joy, she cried his grief… she was the only one who knew him.

Dearest dog who knew me,

As another calendar crawls to closure, I am still a lost lad with unrequited dreams. But I am good at ridiculing reasons.  And I am great at ruminating over what remains, what could have been and how I love you, still. 

Oblivious to this friction that I’ve with ―the world, the gods and their men, the tourists, the tyrants and even myself, how do I write of my colossal loss?

If I could just open my veins and write, may be I’d find the words that run deeper than any ink. Perhaps they’d show you the chasms of my heart, immune to the cold moving hands of winter. Black and beautiful on an otherwise snow white tapestry, a shade of black that’s you. May be these words like bread crumbs would lead you home.

Because where’s my home if not for you?

And you know sleep is so ever evasive now. But I remember how once I’d wake up in the middle of the night and you’d put your paw on me without even waking up.

May be this is how life left earth millions of years ago, it wasn’t the comet or the ice age but this silent rage. That not so subtle difference between what the cosmos needed and what the life wanted.

Go on little girl, there’s no star that’s too far… I will meet you again, somehow someday some place where no one knows our name.

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1 thought on “The Dog Who Knew Me”

  1. Dogs are the better than human company. They will never ever leave u if they fill you are not happy & u r crying. One of the experience i am sharing that recently, i lost my 14yrs old black female lab. Wen she was sick, i was taking care of her inspite of that she was in severe pain & suffering. At that time, i kept her on my lap & patting. She had no relief. I was crying suddenly i 5yrs old black male lab came to me & jumping on my face & cuddling me.
    After that when ever i cried, he used to come & cuddling me. My baby boy is so sensitive, that time i came to know.
    Becoz, he is very naughty & destroyer type baby of my family. When ever i used to say something to him. He always looks my face & shows he is understand me very well. So. It proves that pets & animals are listening to others. Only Differece they can not speak.

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