How To Be More Focused? Look At Pictures Of Cute Baby Animals!

Pictures Of Cute Baby Animals

Hey, are you surfing pictures of dogs at work?

You should. Because Science says so!

Forget Microsoft office. The greatest productivity secret at work might just be puppies.  Research says looking at Pictures Of Cute Baby Animals significantly improves focus!

Now you know why the likes of Google and Brewdog are puppy pals.

Be more productive – Look at Pictures Of Cute Baby Animals!

Hiroshima University’s research study ― The Power of Kawaii (kawaii roughly translates to cute) found that participants performed a variety of tasks faster or more accurately after looking at pictures of kittens and puppies. These test subjects also beat out others who looked at pictures of adult animals or gourmet meals instead.

cute scientist cat
Researchers speculated that the cute images made subjects more attuned to being careful because baby animals suggest vulnerability.

So the next time you are caught smiling at the computer screen while at work, devouring the awesomeness that is cat videos or puppy magic, you can defend against your boss’s seething remarks with SCIENCE!

Here’s the graph from the research study which shows Students were able to focus better on their tasks when they took break to look at cute baby animals instead of say, delicious pizza.

Look At Pictures Of Cute Baby Animals research
Since Japan, the home of Hachiko, is known to be highly productive, this groundbreaking research must be hugged by ‘the internet’!

Kawaii things not only make us happier, but also affect our behavior,’ wrote the researchers, led by cognitive psychologist Hiroshi Nittono. ‘This study shows that viewing cute things improves subsequent performance in tasks that require behavioral carefulness.’

Looking at me can make you more productive at work! Trust me, science has confirmed this!

cute puppy gif

Looking at cute animals helps with “behavioral carefulness,” or focusing on one thing at a time. So getting lost in a puppy’s eyes can make you that excel sheet all over again for any errors. Like a Boss!

Internet for long has been ruled by cats and kittens. (Puppies aren’t far behind either!) Admit it, can you resist seeing the fur balls in their glory? Isn’t it the Kryptonite for all your human might?

We understand the potential super power that puppy photos hold, so here are a few for your dose of productivity!


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For further boost to your productivity, you might just want to check out these photographs. Also see Knut, the polar bear who won hearts, the world over!

Now you know the secret : how to be more productive at work?

Do your share of good today, spread the word with fellow kawaii lovers! 🙂

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