Top 10 Cutest Dog Head Tilts

Those who have been fortunate to share their days with dogs know of the many amusing antics that the furry pals involve in. I wonder if anyone would doubt that the dog head tilts are the cutest of them all!

Isn’t it?

Why do dogs tilt their heads?

Alexandra Horowitz (Author of Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know), believes head-tilting is an effort by dogs to adjust their pinnae, or outer ears, to focus upon the precise location of sounds. That’s something at which they’re actually not as good as humans, despite their ability to hear frequencies that we can’t detect.

A key philosophical aspect we can learn from a dog’s life is to revel in the antics for chasing reasons behind them is often futile.

Cute dog head tilts

Corgi confused
“Cat, why are you getting a cat?” ~ A confused Corgi head tilts.
Pug head tilt
This triad of pugs is surprised at the new sound 🙂
german shepherd head tilt
German Shepherd pup intrigued by the cell phone ring tone. #HeadTilt
cute puppy head tilt gif
Yes. No. Yes…No… I gotta make up my mind soon!
Huskie head tilt
Huskie pup is amused by the wine glass.
kaalicharan - dog head tilts - dog with blog
Yours truly, Kaalicharan reacting to the chirping birds.
pendulum head tilt
Is this what they call the pendulum?
puppies head tilt
Truck load of cuteness!
head tilt - flappy ears
Flappy attuning his ears to the frequency.
surprised dog head tilt
What’s wrong with this girl?

And for the cynics who don’t agree with the list, here you go 🙂

dog slap gif
Either you agree with me or you are wrong!
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