How to keep your pets safe in Holi?

Holi stray dogs , How to keep your pets safe in Holi Canine need no colours, please don’t play Holi with them. ~Image sourced from the web.

Be it Diwali or Holi, including pets in festivities and celebrations is a common sight in Indian homes, however, this isn’t as enjoyable for the pets.  Puppies, stray dogs and pets alike are susceptible to grave illness as side-effects of Holi celebrations.

How to Keep your Pets Safe in Holi?

  • Teach kids that it’s dangerous to put colour on the pets (or on any other homeless animal). Unlike adults, children understand this better.
  • Avoid feeding sugars and sweets to pets.
  • Remove colour: If by any chance someone applied colour on your pet, use a mild shampoo and bathe the pet to remove the colour. If the irritation continues, take the pet to a vet.

Please keep your pets indoors during Holi and as for homeless dogs, even if you could provide a foster home to one dog each during the festivities it would be great!

How Holi impacts your Pet’s Health?

Pets have a tendency to lick their body. They consume chemicals present in the colours leading to serious health hazards – stomach diseases or gastro-intestinal ailments.

  • The chemicals usually found in Holi colours include Lead Oxide, Aluminum Bromide, Mercury Sulphate and Copper Sulphate. These toxins may cause skin irritation or allergy in humans and pets alike.
  • Nausea or respiratory troubles, the ill effects of colours stay long after the celebrations have ended
  • Colours – wet or dry may contain traces of lead, which acts as a slow poison
  • Water balloons and colours may cause temporary or permanent eye damage
  • Coloured water can be harmful if consumed

Don’t Play Holi with animals!

I understand that a dog’s word often falls on deaf ears hence to accentuate the plea I asked some of my celebrity friends to help drive the message home.

So here’s Hollywood telling you How to keep your pets safe in Holi:

  1. The Dark Knight doesn’t like it one teeny weeny bit when you irritate dogs with Holi colours. Now, Robin knows it for good.

batman - holi

2. Even the inimitable Charlie Sheen wouldn’t call colouring a dog something that qualifies as #winning.

Charlie Sheen holi

3. Although red is the colour that runs without restraint all through the realm but even the Game of Thrones disciples know that there is only one thing we say to Holi with dogs: “not today!

Game of thrones Holi

4. And in other news, Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore has declared that Hogwarts will be celebrating an animal-friendly Holi.

Take that Voldemort!Hogwarts Holi

5. The second greatest detective in the history of mankind (next only to the dog), Sherlock Holmes too, supports a dog-friendly Holi.

Elementary, my dear Watson.”

Holmes Holi

6. If there’s one thing that drives The Joker mad: Humans who play Holi with dogs.

joker - holi

7. The Matrix trio: Morpheus, Trinity and Neo have pledged to put colours on Humans alone. How about you?

Matrix Holi

8. Your boss may be a jerk like Lumbergh (Office Space) yet he must know that one needs t steer away from playing Holi with dogs.

‘Yeah, that’s it. Great.’

office spaces - holi

9. And if you are yet not down with that, this girl will make you pay in a real sinister way 🙂

American girl holi

10. The Star Trek crew knows it. So must you.

Star Trek Holi

11. And last but not the least, Liam Neeson crisps it down to deliver the bottom line.

taken Holi

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1 thought on “How to keep your pets safe in Holi?”

  1. While going home from my office yesterday on way I saw a bunch of ruthless boys spraying wet colors on an innocent stray dog. Full of anger i went to them scared they ran away but didn’t spared me either with colored balloon.
    God save all the dear dogs from festival of holi!

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