The Happiness called Dog

Amrita Bhinder dog, happiness called dog
For that happiness called Dog

In this guest post, Amrita writes on her love for dogs and how Buddy has changed her life for better. 

I know from my heart & soul that dogs have the capacity to love us straight on with no strings attached. It’s like God made them for our laps. They seek our company, attention and affection, even though they may have been hit, beaten, neglected, and abused by some of us humans. They have this resilience for an unexplainable capacity to forgive, forget, and love us again and again. And don’t think dogs do not suffer pain or are unaffected by the abuse. It’s only that they have the ability to bounce back better than us humans.

Happiness called dog

kathak dancer ashwini with dog
For those who dream are the ones who script the future. ~featuring Ashwini and Zen

I think dogs are positive by nature & don’t entertain cynicism & suspicion for long, like us humans. Recent MRI Data studies from scientists show that dogs do experience feelings of love and affection.  And they love ‘You’ and not all & sundry strangers et al. And MRI data confirms it is different when a dog is given treats by a stranger and by someone that they have a strong bond with namely ‘You’.

10 years later dog
Amrita Paul celebrates Ten Years of togetherness

All semantics apart, personally for me the reason I adopted ‘Buddy’ for I needed that tender loving care. And I knew a warm puppy was going to fix that requirement. Could a kitten’s purr or a dog’s wagging tail help with our despondency? I think, I can safely say ‘Yes they can” and it’s not only me saying it, this is backed by studies –  “Pets offer an unconditional love that can be very helpful to people with depression,” says Ian Cook, MD, a psychiatrist and director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA. Also, studies do show that dogs or for that matter any manageable animal can reduce tension and improve our mood. Go on adopt a dog & save your soul!

Indian girl with dog
My Precious! ~ Image courtesy Unati

Need a best friend of your own, adopt a dog!

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