Wherever you go, bring your own sunshine

Himalaya street dogs, bring your own sunshine
Wherever you go, bring your own sunshine. ~Image courtesy Gunjita

If we look closely, there are always stories, waiting for us to find them. People and animals, waiting to be rescued…a comforting hug, a gentle pat, a mere loving word.

“we must bring
our own light
to the

Charles Bukowski

And another season
springs to close
rhymes and reason
but no prose.

No voice to call our name
but our winter sun
and streets,  the same
days on the run.

So sit back and watch
colours a-turning now
dreams that, cloud catch
whilst the stars take a bow.

be the person your dog thinks you are
Be the person your dog thinks you are!

And if you look closely, you’ll find men feeding stray dogs, ladies with their canine families and dogs combating terror.

Bring your own sunshine!

There are stories waiting for you. Are you looking?

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