Happy Birthday Rusty!

  • By: Dog
  • Apr 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Rusty, happy birthday dog
Happy Birthday Rusty

Happy Birthday Rusty!

Through the decade, midst thick and thin, algebra tests and heart breaks, free flocking in Soar valley to the randomness of summer reverie…epoch of my innocence and the minute of my madness; you were there. Often silent but forever present.

As you turn a new leaf today, marking the 14th year of our growing up together, I hope time takes a brief stall. I yearn to return to the cold floor underneath the bed, your secret hiding place, the Underworld…where you hid your treasures…rubber lizards, calcium bones, ferns and at times, mangoes. I hope I never grow too old to visit your place.

From the kid who never grew to the dog who refused the tides of time.

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