Syllables of silence…

  • By: Dog
  • Mar 18, 2012

Dog with Blog - Tibetan mastiff

This is the rambling of an almost forgotten dog, forgotten to self, forgotten to cats, to other dogs, and to the world. And he waits — thinking and scribbling, and thinking and scribbling for precisely nothing. And his wait — tragic in fate, existence and essence, mocks him.

“But I don’t“, he said, “want a place of my own in this city of blinding lights; I don’t yearn for rooting myself in the urban diaspora.”

Syllables of silence
And may the child in you keep exploring…

Syllables of silence

Like a prisoner in my own accords
Like a ghetto swarmed by acquainted ghosts
Like a feeble thought gone astray
Like a speck of dust dancing in sunray
Amid the chaos, coming home to a pair of wagging tails, to cure me of me

When was the last time you met yourself?

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