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Life, Interrupted – I adopted your dog today

Almost every fortnight I get that odd adoption update- family abandoning an old dog/ Mr. High-flyer leaving for foreign shores and putting up a pet for adoption and so forth.

Out of an average life span of a decade, someone gives you unadulterated love for every passing second and you got the nerves to call it quits?

I hope you lament the loss someday. I hope this awkward predicament grows on you, like the lump in the throat. Like a blow, you feel deep in the diaphragm, like a loss that chokes. Like a life interrupted.

I adopted your dog today
Adopt, don’t shop.

If you know someone who has shown the door to an old dog or abandoned a pup after bringing him home be wary you know a person for whom love or loyalty isn’t a virtue.

I adopted your dog today

I adopted your dog today
the one you left at the pound
the one you had for seven years
and no longer wanted around.

I adopted your dog today
Do you know he’s lost weight?
Do you know he’s scared and depressed
and has lost all faith?

I adopted your dog today.
He had fleas and a cold,
but don’t worry none.
You’ve unburdened your load.

I adopted your dog today.
Were you having a baby or moving away?
Did you suddenly develop allergies or was there no reason he couldn’t stay?

I adopted your dog today.
he doesn’t play or eat much
He’s very depressed, but
he will learn again to trust.

I adopted your dog today.
And here he will stay.
He’s found his forever home
and a warm bed on which to lay.

I adopted your dog today.
And I will give him all that he could need.
Patience, love, security, and understanding.
Hopefully, he will forget your selfish deed.


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13 thoughts on “Life, Interrupted – I adopted your dog today”

  1. It’s not the vicissitude of life but the cold and cruel acts, one at a time, that paints the story with color of gloom. I have known a fair share of people who fit the bill, Deboshree and believe you me, some day they will be at the receivin end, the twist of fate.

  2. Thank you for a brilliant post on a tragic topic; abandoned family members.
    I’ll never understand people’s cold-heartedness towards animals! An animal isn’t a “toy” that lives to entertain us until we get bored. When we take, for example, a dog into our care it should be for that individual’s lifetime. It’s a great responsibility, as we’re being depended upon, trusted and loved. It completely breaks my heart to think that anyone can be so cruel as to turn his/her back on someone who relies on him/her. I adopted my beloved dog a few years ago, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! She had been living as a stray prior to the adoption; a tremendous struggle, full of neglect and physical attacks by people. I’ll probably never know whether she was born on the streets or ended up there after being separated from her home. A lot of things indicate that she had people around her that she regarded as family; that she loved, only wishing to be loved in return. Because that’s how she is, full of love! Despite everything, she never lost her faith in mankind. I admire her for it. And she knows that I’ll never ever abandon her.
    Respect the living – because all life has its value.

    1. Thanks Virve!

      You have forth valid points, if only people begin to recognize the wisdom in them- the world will be a lot more friendlier for our friends.

  3. Loved those lines. And felt every heartfelt sentiment in that poem. We took back Veeroo (one of the 7 pups born to our Oona) when the couple who’d adopted him said they were too busy to look after a hyperactive pup! I wanted to ask them if they would throw out their human children too? But of course was too polite to do it! I wish I weren’t… When the couple came with their two daughters to visit us (a month later) to see how Veeroo was doing, he’d forgotten them totally. Veeroo didn’t even respond when they called him by the name they had given him….that was such a sweet moment! 🙂

    1. Hi-five to Veeroo and you! Love is reciprocated the world over and truly so, it’s heartening to know of stories like that of Veeroo, here’s hoping more Veeroo’s find their Adite. Hope floats!

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