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  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Oct 13, 2020

Legend of Owney the postal dog

Owney the postal dog - Image courtesy of the National Postal Museum, Smithsonian Institution.In the autumn of 1888, a shaggy mutt found his way to the post office...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Apr 09, 2020

7 reasons why the Indian pariah dog is best for Indian home?

Indian pariah dogSo you are ready to welcome the bundle of happiness that's a dog!Now comes the tricky part —  are you ready for a dog? And which is the be...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Feb 17, 2020

The Chile revolution dog who led the student protests

Street art reimagining Keanu Reeves as the patron saint of stray dogs in Chile. He's holding a puppy called Negro 'Matapacos', Chilean symbol of protest and resistance against ...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Nov 06, 2019

New research suggests that your dog can help you live longer!

Science confirms it - your dog can help you live longer!Living with a dog helps you live longer, science says so!Well, if you needed another reason to lov...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Oct 11, 2019

Love is where the dog is

"Those were the days," quipped Daadi, taking a trip down the memory lane in mountains of yore.Long before the Himalayas were tainted by tourist resorts and the ca...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Sep 03, 2019

How dogs saved penguins in Australia?

The dogs guarding the Middle Island.Meet the Maremma, the dogs who saved penguins!Dogs have long been our guardians, friends and loyal companions. The good bo...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Sep 26, 2018

12 Amazing Dogs with world Records!

Dogs with world records!All dogs are special. Brimming with unbridled love, affection and energy that channels through every pore of their existence.The champions that do...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Aug 31, 2018

The best dog-friendly offices to work!

What makes a great place to work?Flexible work hours, food allowances, free transit, gym membership… did you say beer?Companies these days offer a gamut...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Aug 01, 2018

Tata stray dogs – a kennel for homeless dogs at Tata HQ

A special dog kennel for the many friendly Tata stray dogs is now part of the 94-year-old office building ~Save Our StraysWith a presence in over 100 countries ac...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Jul 27, 2018

Meghan Markle’s Rescue Beagle

Meghan Markle, the people's princess, is a champion crusader for all things right. The Duchess of Sussex is a devout dog lover and an advocate for rescuing animals in need of ...