Dreams of a dog…

Kaalicharan dreams... the dreams of a dog
What do dogs dream about?

Now that scientists and canine behaviour experts have established that the dogs do dream. The next question that pops up is What do dogs dream about? The dreams of a dog have long puzzled scientists and pet owners alike.

For those of you who were led to the lie that dog don’t tell about their dreams,  here’s Kaalicharan sharing his dream to be a bear. (Dreamt post-screening of Finding Neverland, naturally. )

Dreams of a dog

pretty girl with dog
The best of dreams are those which are shared. ~Image courtesy Drasti

You would have seen it – a quiver, that twitching of paws or an occasional muted woof. Scientific studies tell us that the brain wave patterns of dogs in sleep are similar to that of the humans. Like humans, dogs enter a deep sleep stage during which their breathing becomes more irregular and they have rapid eye movements (REM). It is during the REM sleep that often, involuntary movements take place. Dogs may move their legs as if they are running, whine or whimper as if excited, and breathe rapidly or hold their breath for short periods.

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The Research also establishes the fact that small dogs tend to dream a lot more during the course of the day as compared to their larger brethren. Dreaming also seems to occur more frequently in puppies. What do dogs dream about? Although we dogs haven’t really given an interview on our sleep behaviour, here’s what we dream about – bones, cats and walking with you.

For now, let sleeping dogs lie.

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