It’s all in the name

  • By: Dog
  • Jan 14, 2009

The Prologue:

In the Old Testament, 42000 people were killed for the incorrect pronunciation of one word.


Calvy told me of the eerie way in which the bus conductors in NOIDA pronounce Noida as NUDE-AA. And they certainly know that this repetition creates quite an impact on the eardrums of unsuspecting bystanders hence they go on like “Nude-aa!! Nude-aa! Nude-aa….” eventually building to a crescendo.

It’s all in the name.

For the modest under 14 and female following that I have, I guess this post didn’t require a PG rating, did it? Guess Kaalicharan has long forgotten chivalry.

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9 Replies to “It’s all in the name”

  1. Yes kaalicharan don’t give us that perplexed look .
    Calvy is all but apt in his observation and to tell u more abt the value defying and disgraceful demand of the conductors, they sometimes are very specific with regards to the source and the age group. Nehru Place se Nude-aa ( 12- 22, 12-22, 12-22….)

  2. haha..i had heard of language evolution over the years…i wonder if they have coined a term for the situation that you have presented.

  3. Hi Desperado, reached here through the IndiBlogger Delhi NCR blogger meet page. Looking forward to meeting with you and other Delhi bloggers.


    Nice blog dude. Funny 🙂

  4. shibboleth…my dictionary says..:A word used as a test for detecting people from another district or country by their pronunciation; a word or sound very difficult for foreigners to pronounce correctly…
    Nude..aa..yaah sounds anything but funny..


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