This dog life comic will make you hug your dog

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to live with a dog. Goofiness, love and loyalty abound!  But like all great love stories, this too isn’t spared from sadness. Sometimes grief is so real that it has its own gravity.

Amid all the great times you share with your dog, this fear often creeps that one day, you will have to say goodbye to your best friend. But if we think of the alternate, it would be even poignant… spare a thought for the loneliness that afflicted poor Hachiko?

This endearing dog life comic by Anything Comic reminds us that our dogs aren’t as timid of the ever-encroaching end like us lesser mortals. Caring for love, loyalty and belly rub alone, dogs remind us that in this transient life where nothing and no one is forever, we are but alone if not for them.

Heartwarming dog life comic

dog life comic, comic of a dog's life

Go on, hug your Tracy –  for she shall always have you enshrined in her heart… waiting to see you again, someday, in an other dimension.

Contrary to popular belief, life isn’t defined by milestones but moments. And if you look closely, sometimes a story reveals more in blank spaces than in words. If only you’d cross your heart and take the plunge instead of ticking boxes?

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3 thoughts on “This dog life comic will make you hug your dog”

  1. Beautiful! I cried after reading this, especially when the spirit of the dog turns around, wondering what is going on. I have seen my Lab try to wake up my Cocker who had just crossed over. Heartbreaking!

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