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A few summers ago the epiphany dawned on me that a dog’s lifespan is a meager one-seventh that of a human’s. I have had troubles sleeping ever since. Not because I am afraid of dying (well, maybe just a little) but to touch more lives during my stay here, however brief.

Ask the dog, anything…

Ask the Dog brewed as a doggo version of pre-internet Agony aunt. Where tired men and women, mutilated by moment or madness; love or the lack of it, could seek sane advice from the dog.

Over the seasons, there have been queries, some innocent ― Do dogs dream? to melancholic ― what became of Laika? and the mundane ― are black cats bad luck?  Questions of science and the gods, and love and loss. 

There’s an email, in particular, which bravely bares where it hurts.

Dear dog, it has been 3 years since my break up (that once-in-a-lifetime kind of love). I am in my 30s – all my friends are married and my parents are after my life. Is time really running out on me?  ~ Ms. Pseudonym  

Dear Ms. Pseudonym, my friend Ted who has a reputation for substance abuse and affairs, once quipped, “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday. “

Wait, or was it his great-grandfather, Winnie?

Anyway, the thing is ― the time is relative.

Consider the animal kingdom, female Dolania americana mayflies go through their entire life cycle in less than five minutes – and somehow still manage to find a mate, consummate the relationship and lay eggs during that time.

You aren’t a mayfly.

Nothing that really matters comes with a warranty card (barring a dog’s love, remember Hachiko?) Heck, there can even be marriages with love missing.

Enjoy the journey, even this will pass away.

Over to you, got anything to ask the dog? 

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