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Animal laws in India to protect the strays & pets

animal laws in india - stray dogs
Animal laws in India

Unfortunate as it is, most of the Indian streets are riled with blatant apathy towards animal lives. The callousness in civic societies is far worse – where a handful of humans who care for the stray animals are often met with unbelievable ridicule and resistance.

It is not that there aren’t animal laws in India – but the ineptness to implement them and the severity of punishment leaves them crippled.

It is a fundamental duty upon every citizen of India to protect wildlife and have compassion for all living creatures.

Article 51A(G), Indian Constitution

Here are some laws put forth in the constitution to uphold the rights of the voiceless and activists who work towards animal welfare.

Animal Laws in India to protect stray dogs

Stray dogs are protected under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA), 1960, and rules enacted under Section 38 of the act, particularly, the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001; Indian Penal Code, sections 428 & 429 and Article 51A (g) of the Constitution.

  1.  Street dogs cannot be beaten, killed or driven away or displaced or dislocated, they can only be sterilized in the manner envisaged in The Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, vaccinated, and then returned back to their original locations. The stray dogs can be sterilized only when they’ve attained the age of at least 4 months and not before that.
  2.  Killing, maiming, poisoning or rendering useless of any animal is punishable by imprisonment for up to two years or with fine or with both, under Section 428 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.
  3. As per Section 11 (i) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960 abandoning an animal, leaving it in a situation that it suffers pain due to starvation or thirst, is a punishable offence.
  4. The Delhi High Court states that there are no laws that prohibit people from feeding stray animals. It is a crime to threaten, abuse or harass neighbours who feed animals. (Section 506)
animal rights laws in India
Feeding strays is within the laws and it helps confine them to one particular area that they belong to thus helping administer efficient birth control and vaccination.

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Your rights to pet ownership – RWA

Pet ownership comes with a set of responsibilities – not only to the pet but to the neighbours too. RWA can place reasonable requests like – allotting pet corners, defecation rules, asking for regular vaccinations etc. As long as you are not causing a nuisance, you have a right to keep a pet.

RWA cannot ask you to disown your pet.

If you feel threatened or targeted because of keeping a pet – you can do the following: 

RWA can’t make laws on their whims to disallow pet companionship.

  1. Reach out to local SPCA or any other animal welfare organization. They will usually talk to the RWA and make them understand the laws – it should end there. You can also write a letter to municipal corporation.
  2. You can file a complaint with the nearest local police station under Section 428, 429 IPC (Indian Penal Code) if the RWA is not cooperative.
  3. You may contact the Animal Welfare Board of India in case your pet or any other animal is under threat. 
  4. You can reach out to Ms Meneka Gandhi. Mention the registered address of the RWA and fax number if any. A letter from official MP letterhead usually knocks some sense into RWAs.
  5. The Registrar of Societies (RoS) can take action against or even dissolve an RWA for its unwarranted approach towards a pet-owning family. 
  6. Action can be initiated against RWA members under Section 2 (1)(g) of the Consumers Protection Act. (District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum)

Animals laws to protect pets

The Animal Protection (Dogs) Rules, 2001 provide for rules relating to pet and street dogs.

  1. Keeping, or confining any animal chained for long hours with a heavy chain or chord amounts to cruelty on the animal and punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to 3 months or both.
  2. If an owner fails to provide its pet with sufficient food, drink or shelter, he/she shall be liable for punishment according to section 11 (1) (h) of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 is a punishable offence.
  3. Any person who, without any reasonable cause, abandons an animal in such a situation where the animal is bound to suffer pain due to starvation or thirst- Section 11 (i)
  4. Any owner of an animal who consciously allows an infected, diseased or disabled animal to go into any street without any permit or leave the animal to die in any street- Section 11 (j)
  5. Any person intimidating another person and preventing him/her, who is the owner of a pet, from keeping or taking care of his/her pet can be held liable under Section 503 of the IPC.
stray dog protection laws in india
Getting dogs sterilized helps keep the stray population under control.

On March 12, 2020, World Animal Protection released the 2nd edition of global Animal Protection Index (API) 2020, where India gained C grade on a scale of A-G.

India animal protection laws
Whenever someone buys a pup, he/she knowingly or unknowingly put to motion the cycle of breeders and puppy mills. For breeders, a litter of pups is often just ‘business’.
Adopt, don’t shop!

While societies may have dog lovers, dog haters and those who don’t really care – amicable ways to drive awareness for animal laws can really help bridge the gap. Any aggression or hostility that the dogs may be subjected to, will only render them aggressive, and hostile to humans.

How to use Animal laws?

If you come across a situation that is in violation of animal rights, you can either send a legal notice to the individual/group of animal abusers yourself through a lawyer or report the matter to an NGO which would do that for you. In case no action is being taken by the abuser even after sending the notice, you can file an official complaint.

Here’s a list of NGOs in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata and Pune that you may reach out to.

To ensure that authorities actually take action, please seek help from NGOs – many of them have legal outreach and it helps move the machinery. You may also reach out to journalists over social media – similarly politicians or higher authorities (unfortunately that’ how the cookie crumbles sometimes).

Try raising awareness in your neighbourhoods and societies – strays can also be trained to be guard dogs. Along with colony guards, they can provide an additional security cover.

While the severity of punishment(s) is still not that harsh and needs to be revisited real soon, one can hope that animal laws act as a deterrent to those who try to take the law in hand. We hope that awareness regarding these laws would help people to report and stand up for the animals.

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  1. I am resident of Vijay Nagar Delhi. Infront of my house there is a McD park in which small and big stray dogs have been staying since I have come here.As soon as there are puppies. Some unknown people either kill them or steal. Now only few are left who have been vaccinated and sterilized. But the area McD mali residents don’t let the dogs stay in the park. A man from the locality has been given lock and keys to close the park as and when he feels. The dogs are taken out from there at 11Pm. After asking the Mali why government park should be locked.He answered that one of the resident has told him. Why the Mali takes order from them We also give taxes. This it is our right to walk there.Also they can’t throw the dogs out. Infact McD should arrange water bowls,food and medical checkup for the stray dogs.What is the action to it can be done? Going to police or ngos are of no use. I would like to know how can government park be used as private place to play,do yoga.

    1. Hi I am Amrit. I have two pet cats in my house and one of them shouts very loudly . My neighbours complained us about this by saying that “billi ka chilana apshagun hota h hume problem hoti h or aap inhe chord do”.I can’t leave my cats and i will not. So please kindly suggest me how can i handle this situation. Please reply asp.

    2. Why don’t you Take all the dogs and keep it at n your home, literally we are scared that our children’s may bitten by dog so I think you don’t have child in that case take care all of them in your house as your kids

      1. We are doing as much as possible but why dont u people have kind soul for stray dogs…..? Why people cant read their innocent eyes ……humanity is true worship. …..dont know people will understand.

  2. Hi I live in pune and my dogs live at farmhouse with my parents someone has bought a big dog and they won’t tie him nor they will keep him in house he has bited my two lovely friendly dogs and they have serious injuries I told owner to atleast tie the dog but they won’t ñow my two of the family members are on the race of life or death i request that you answer my questions I am really sad about it and can’t even help my dog with anything Iwant you help me through out this

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