27 Blissful Ruskin Bond quotes on life, love & writing

Far from the fanfare of mushrooming literary festivals where it’s not the books but the celebs and their dresses that take the center stage, at a safe distance from the hashtags, aloof from the crooning book jackets screaming bestsellers in bold, lives the hermit whose name leaps over generation barriers. I may be a dog, but I know who India’s most loved writer is.

The name is Bond…Ruskin Bond.

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Ruskin Bond scribbles for ‘Dog with Blog’.

For many from my generation who have neither grown up nor really found a place in the wilds of the world, our pilgrim remains Ivy Cottage, Landour. 

Here are 27 Ruskin Bond quotes on love and life, hills and heartbreaks, seasons and sorcery and the ghosts and geraniums.

Ruskin Bond quotes on life: Ruskin observes and reports on life like he only can. His succinct phrases tell me more on the meaning and motive of life than all the gospels.

A story never really ends and happiness is something that comes and goes. It is as rare as a rainbow. ~The Kashmiri Storytellers

Ruskin Bond quotes

In our imperfect world, there is far too much talk and not enough thought. 

“Well, it often happens that people with good eyesight fail to see what is right in front of them.” ~The Eyes Have It

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One sure way to lose the world and everything in it, is to try grasping it.

Ruskin Bond quotes on writing: My first brush with Mr. Bond’s writings was The Woman on Platform 8, the heart-touching story of maternal affection. The woman who meets a young boy on the platform, whom she has no hopes of meeting again but devotes all her love to him.

Ruskin Bond quotes on nature: Ruskin’s father introduced him to nature as the best friend of human beings. To this day, Mr. Bond hasn’t forgotten this. His writings on the wild-flowers, ladybirds, the smell of the rains and thunderlights over Pari tibba retain this rustic charm.

“The plainsman looks to the hills for the needs of hs spirit, but the hillman looks to the plains for a living.” ~Panther’s Moon

It is always the same with mountains. Once you have lived with them for any length of time, you belong to them. There is no escape.

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Where the grass is still green…

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“And when all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful.”

In contemplating the average human existence lost to conformity, Ruskin Bond observes philosophically in On fairy hill:

The slopes of the hill we’re on are full of deodars. Bond had written of them in Notes From A Small Room—“Having lived with deodars (divine trees), I can understand God having a favorite among trees.

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Because there's no 'Y' in Happiness.

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Ruskin Bond quotes on love:

Ruskin Bond’s writings on love, be it The Night Train At Deoli or Death of a familiar, did more for my teenage ideas of romance than any Bollywood movie. To understand that depth and pause in today’s digital age makes one return to her elements.

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And that's when you find love.

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Somewhere between the reason and the heart…

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You find love when you least expect to, and lose it when you are sure that it is in your grasp. ~Death Of A Familiar

And so often I wondered how real was Sushila from ‘Love is a sad song’?  The beautiful short story that has the writer reminiscing his past. I may stop loving you, but I will never stop loving the days I loved you.

You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will, But the scent of the roses will linger there still. ~A Handful Of Nuts

“The past is always with us, for it feeds the present”

She did not know it then, but some of the moving forces of our lives are meant to touch us briefly and go their way. ~Sita and the river

Sometimes I wonder if this is my life or a reverie. The trouble with reading Bond is, that you don’t want to return to the real world. I want to play Ruskin Bond, to be amidst hills, without an eye to judge me on stakes of money, stature or profile. Meeting Ruskin Bond (either through his books or in person) is an exorcism that cleanses all the demons of adulthood and makes one who we once were, innocent. His stories smell of the hills. The way hills no longer smell of them.

And as I told him of my lost sister Rusty, named after Ek Tha Rusty, a show based on his stories, aired on Doordarshan. He chuckled and remarked, ‘Oh, she must have been an adventurous dog!’

Where can you meet Ruskin Bond?

Well, apart from the books, you may meet Ruskin Bond at Cambridge Book Depot, Mall Road, Mussoorie where he meets his fans every Saturday.

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  1. Excellent collection. I have read most of Ruskin Bond’s autobiographical books but a couple of these were new to me too. Being an ardent dog lover and a voracious reader I loved this blog. Keep up the good work!

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