Turkish dog rescue – Man drops out of college to help animals!

Turkish dog rescue

Meet Gökçer Korkmaz, the 32-year-old Turkish dog rescue lead who dropped out of college to look after 500+ animals!

This young Turk was appalled to see the condition of the stray animals in his hometown of Babaeski. So moved was he at the sight of poor animals eating trash from the waste yard that he decided to drop out of college to help them!

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Turkish dog rescue

Since 2006, helping the stray animals has been his solo calling.  Korkmaz feeds them, nurses their wounds and builds make shift shelters for his furry friends.

Turkish animal lover
A vegan, Korkmaz feeds nearly 300 dogs every day!

When in school I was asked what would I do as a grown-up, I said,I will help street dogs, children with disabilities, homeless people.” At school, I thought they would make us good people, teach us to love animals. However, something like that did not exist.


The man who dropped out of college to look after 500+ animals

turkey animal lover
Korkmaz has a name for each of his 300 dogs: Selfieci Girl, Kumasi Girl, Sarmaş Boy, Yumaak, Bar Cracker Girl, Bearded Boy, Olive…
man animal best friends
college dropout animal lover

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animal volunteer college dropout
man saves puppy

Korkmaz believes that the children need to be made sensitive towards animals from an early age. Parents need to be cautious not to pass on their fears to their kids. Strays, after all, need love too!

teach children to love animals

Earlier this year, the Turkish capital of Istanbul celebrated their famous cat by erecting a statue in her memory. And who can forget the stray cat who barged in at a TV studio only to get adopted by the crew?

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7 thoughts on “Turkish dog rescue – Man drops out of college to help animals!”

  1. Money can buy anything but it never wiggle its butt anytime you came home.If you are having a dog then it means that you are loved by someone unconditionally.??????????

  2. You are a dog’s hero, and we need human like you, and understand what animal can do for us and love and we only have them for a short time, so have to make the best of loving your best friend, he will be the first one that door when you get home, and say hi, how was your day, sorry you had a bad day, I will help get over it, with my love. Yes I love me dogs, and the one’s who pass away i miss but there love will also be in heart. Best Friends.

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