Istanbul’s most Famous Cat honored with her own statue!

Cat honored with her own statue

Istanbul surely knows how to celebrate feline royalty. Few weeks ago, we learnt about the the cat lady who feeds over 350 stray cats everyday and now in another endearing act Istanbul ensured that it’s most famous cat got herself immortalized in city’s cultural landscape.

Tombili, the cat, rose to fame when a photograph of her chilling in a rather relaxed pose on the streets of Istanbul went viral.

The cat soon became an internet legend and so, when it passed away in August, her fans enshrined her memory in the real world too. The famously laid-back feline got her very own statue!

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Tombili’s bronze statue was unveiled on October 4th to coincide with World Animal Day and is erected in the same spot where she was snapped in her famous pose.

Cat honored with her own statue

cat statue Turkey
It seems as if Cats in the neighborhood are already paying their respects to Tombili.

In the hustle of everything that’s mundane, the cacophony and rat race, sometimes it helps to pause and ponder

RIP Tombili, may you always remind the world what it takes to chill in style!

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  1. Just a little note. Istanbul is the former capital. Government sits in Ankara. Although it’s still biggest on everything.

  2. That’s the sweetest thing I read today. And those pictures are absolutely endearing.

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