A picture speaks a thousand words!

homeless man with his dog, picture speaks a thousand words, homeless man with dog
Homeless man with dog. Photographer Veronica Henri

Indeed, a picture speaks a thousand words.

A homeless man sleeps in the arms of his dog on Queen St. W. in Toronto, on a freezing day in November, 2006. This photo was runner-up in the Feature category at Sun Media’s 2007 Dunlop Awards. VERONICA HENRI/TORONTO SUN.

A perfect panoptical photograph, this endearing epitome of friendship embraces life & love in its wake. This still frame effuses warmth.You can literally feel the quiver of the dog’s nostrils in the Canadian chill, the plight of the homeless man and the equanimity with which both have accepted their predicaments. A picture indeed speaks a thousand words!

Leaving you with this magnum opus, I take my Frisbee and my leave.

PS All rights for the above image are reserved by Veronica Henri & Toronto SUN.

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