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  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Nov 26, 2019

Dogs look back with love

Dogs look back with loveLooking back is never simple, rarely painless, and almost always bittersweet. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀But when a doggo looks at you, it is a...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Oct 22, 2019

All pets are therapy pets

All pets are therapy pets.Yes, they're all good boys.And the ones without a home are just waiting for a kind heart like you.Read how dogs with jobs ar...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Sep 24, 2019

Things left unsaid

~Image courtesy SaumyaSomewhere between Borges and Bukowski, daydreams, and city lights, I wait for you. But a dog waiting rarely raises a concern. Didn't it take...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Jul 17, 2019

Temple of the dog

If God created everything and everyone under the blue sky, wouldn't it be only fair that the doors to monastery and mosque, temple and church were welcome to one and ...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Dec 29, 2018

Dog Gift Guide – Gift Ideas For Dogs & Dog Lovers!

Did you say holidays?The festive season is here and so are the gifts it brings! You’ve zeroed in on the wish lists for everyone – from the little cousin who w...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Dec 13, 2018


“You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you.” ― Isadora DuncanHey you, Lost somewhere in suburbiain a little patch of green,under the canopy of con...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Jul 31, 2018

Of Vatican city dog and the Pope

Amid the chiming bells at Vatican city, I asked the lady at the counter, "Ciao signora, No takers for doggo calendars?"She smiled and said, "They are more fam...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Apr 26, 2018

Dogs always say yes!

[caption id="attachment_8179" align="alignnone" width="480"] You and me and a dog named Napoli[/caption]If I were to ask you to leave everything and just come with me. ...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Mar 13, 2018

Ask the dog ― your agony aunty for anything…

A few summers ago the epiphany dawned on me that a dog's lifespan is a meager one-seventh that of a human's. I have had troubles sleeping ever since. Not because I am afraid o...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Feb 21, 2018

Heroes looking after dogs in the aftermath of disasters

Keigo Sakamoto holds Atom, one of the 21 dogs he keeps at his home near the exclusion zone in Fukushima. (Damar Sagolj/Reuters)In the wake of catastrophes or threats man-made ...