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Some numbers we define, some define us.  And there are numbers that numb us.

  • It’s been 27 years and counting since India’s grimmest industrial disaster─ Bhopal Gas Tragedy, a catastrophe that made Methyl isocyanate a household name
  • It has been 330 years since last Dodo vanished from the face of the earth
  • We have GDP surging for a double digit growth, an economy that’s vying to knock the US $2 trillion threshold. But we also have a population that will outnumber China by 2025. We also have a tiger count that is diminishing every day to poachers and human encroachments.   We have carbon emissions amplifying and coastal lives diminishing
  • India has 18% of the world’s population on 2.4% of world’s total area. Industrialization needs to sustain a model which takes into picture the endangered species, the mighty mountains and Gangetic plains in its wake

The more things change, the more they stay the same. India Inc has had its share of contentions in the near past as well, be it the tale of Tata and the turtles or Coal mines destroying tiger habitat.

In a world where economy presides over ecology, it’s time we take sustainability seriously. The resilience of earth shouldn’t be toyed with for the repercussions ─ripples, rage and eventual rampage would be just as real. A dog talking of dollars would hardly make your eyebrows twitch to seriousness yet believe you me, in a utopian business world, quarter results of corporate would focus upon the firm’s performance in societal and environmental arenas with an earnestness that it would give to revenues.

The future, fragile as a spider’s web, will look deep down into our eyes someday; let’s ensure that we find warmth and not wrath in those eyes.  Here’s hoping for a green future.

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PS Written for the sixth annual chapter of CII CECSD Sustainability Solutions Summit & Exhibition, New Delhi. Question the stake holders; derive inspiration from green leaders on 25th-26th November, 2011.

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