The smartest dog in the world!

smartest dog in the world

Dogs are smarter than you give them credit for.  History is replete with their intelligence, candor, and bravery.

Bukowski knew it, Einstein knew it and now so do you!

Every dog is the smartest dog in the world!

As winter heaves its last sighs, let’s remember true born of the snow – Balto.

Balto dog

In 1925 when a case of diphtheria broke out among the children of Nome, Alaska, and the roads were down due to snow, Balto led a Sled dog team on the 674 mile trip to Anchorage, to deliver the medicine.

Balto was celebrated as a hero throughout the country and a statue of him was placed in Central Park in his honor.

There’s a movie inspired by his life-or-death race.

balto sled team

They are good dogs, Brent!

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Frida, the rescue dog, has saved 12 people in Mexico Earthquake!

Mexico earthquake rescue dog

The devastating wreckage left behind by the 7.1 Richter scale earthquake in Mexico has claimed over 220 human lives and countless animal casualties.

As Mexico city is slowly coming back to life with ongoing rescue efforts, a dog has reinvigorated a new hope in the nation.

Meet Frida, the adorable rescue dog of Mexican Navy’s (SEMAR) Canine Unit who has saved 53 people in her career ‘until now’!

Frida, the Mexico earthquake rescue dog, has saved 12 people from the rubble as of now.

She is so good at saving lives that she was flown to help with rescue efforts in Guatemala landslides and Ecuador earthquake in the past.

Rescue dog earthquake

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mexico earthquake dog
Armed with safety boots and goggles, Frida surveys the wreckage for survivors.

dog saves lives earthquake

Even the Mexican President has recognized the efforts of Frida.

Mexican president tweet dog

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We are sure she’d add to her tally of saved lives before she hangs up her boots in next two years.

Here’s wishing Frida (and all the rescue workers) the very best with their relief efforts.

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