These amazing ‘dogs with jobs’ are helping humans in incredible ways! 

dogs with jobs
In myriad ways, dogs with jobs are helping humans. Piper, the dog who served as Michigan airport K9 officer, kept the runway clear of birds. 

What is it about dogs, exactly, that keeps us enamored and enchanted?

Running right across our hearts with their tiny paw prints, dogs are our closest confidante and best friends!  These amazing animals, almost divine, have taken upon themselves to not only make us happy but also help and heal us in any way they can.

In surprisingly impressive ways, dogs are helping us run specialized chores that only they can do. From helping a special needs human to detecting bombs, they are doing it all.

How ‘dogs with jobs’ are helping humans?

Dogs are the best in the world at what they do. Here are a few dogs with jobs who may make us reconsider our career priorities and inspire us to do something more meaningful!

 1. Service dogs — Trained with skills that can save lives. The dogs who pass the training program are matched with humans in need of mobility assistance, seizure alerts, autism assistance, and hearing and guide help.

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 2. Therapy dogs — Like Service dogs, therapy dogs also go through training, but they usually work on a volunteer basis to provide comfort and companionship for those in need — especially those suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Therapy dogs also make rounds in hospitalsairports, and schools.

 3. Search and rescue Dogs see the world through smells, a sense so evolved that they use it to save lives. Police and rescue teams across the world depend heavily on dog’s innate ability for the smell to drive search and rescue operations.

earthquake rescue dog
Frida, the marine dog, rescued 14 humans from the Mexican earthquake rubble.

trakr police dog

Trakr, the Canadian police dog, was credited with locating the last survivor found beneath the 9/11 rubble.

He worked relentlessly searching for survivors the entire time, before collapsing from smoke inhalation, exhaustion, and burns and was treated for his injuries before returning to Canada.

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4. Politicians, yes, seriously! Not all politicians are corrupt. Some are dogs. dog mayor

5. Helping keep the planet green! 

dog plastic recycle

Tubby, said to be the world’s greenest dog, after entering into the Guinness Book of Records for sniffing out 26,000 plastic bottles and carrying them for recycling.

 6. Airport’s K-9 wildlife control officer. Piper, Michigan’s famous airport dog served for over three years scaring more than 8000 birds off the runway and thus saving fatal flight collisions with birds and other wildlife.

Piper airport dog

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7. Firefighter dog — Jake, the pit bull, was abandoned in a house fire. Now he works with firefighters.

In his free time, he also collects donations for Carolina Children’s Charity.

Such a good boy!

firefighter dog

8. Dogs helping kids in court 

courtroom dogs
Courtroom dogs helping kids to testify against their abusers in the courtroom.

9. Diabetic alert dogs — When blood sugar levels change, the human body releases chemicals that dogs can smell. Diabetic-alert dogs are trained to smell when their partner’s blood sugar level is dangerously off and to let them know that action is needed to get those levels back in the safe zone.

Similarly, allergy detection dogs can be trained to sniff out allergens to their humans like peanuts, milk, soy, latex, or other substances.

10. Medical aid dogs — Long before dogs took on the fight against the terrorists, they searched battlefields for wounded soldiers delivering medical supplies.

red cross dogs
Red Cross dogs during World War I

Play or work, no man or machine, can quite frankly, outrun dogs for what they bring to the table. Try topping that on your LinkedIn profile!

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How Therapy dogs in court are helping kids testify against their abusers?

therapy dogs in court
A frightened little girl who had been sexually abused was brought to a center to tell the forensic interviewer what happened to her. When the officer left the room for a moment to speak with detectives, she hugged Petra and said, “I love you, Petra. You really are a good dog. I’ve told you more than I’ve ever told anybody. I hope when you die, you go to heaven.”

Fighting terrorists, saving sinking souls… add to it, therapy dogs in courts, to help the traumatized kids.

Dogs do it all sans a cape!

From comforting the jarred victims of violence to calming nerves of airborne passengers; dogs ―  the heroes we need but don’t deserve, come waltzing through to instill hope in a world so often devoid of it.

Appearing in court can be a stressful experience, where the victim must relive traumatic events. It is even worrisome when the victim is a child. Presence of a dog in the court signals to the kids that they are in a safe place. This reduces their anxiety and empowers them to calmly testify.

Therapy dogs in court

Child abuse victims are frightened to testify about their experience in a courtroom. Of late, many U.S. courts are allowing therapy dogs to accompany the kids — these professionally trained dogs have the same degree of training as a guide dog for the blind or a service dog. They calm the children during stressful legal proceedings so that the latter may describe what happened.

“Courthouse facility dogs” are common in America, Canada, and Chile, where they help children in all legal settings, as well as crime victims and witnesses. In the UK, Chelmsford county court hosts therapy dogs each week, to reduce stress and make court less intimidating.

These dogs also provide emotional support to participants in family court proceedings.

court dog
The courtroom dogs offer a supportive presence that helps victims and witnesses tell a jury what happened.

A dog’s calming presence can make a great difference in the court especially when it comes to children testifying against an abuser. Petting a dog can relieve stress and lower heart rate and blood pressure.

dog helps kids in court
Ivy Jacobsen with a facility comfort dog. Court therapy dogs helped her get through the trials before her father was convicted of assaulting her.

Dogs indeed represent all things bright and beautiful for these children as Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Max Baer quips, “Instead of focusing on the trauma they have experienced, the memory many children have about the court is spending time with the dog.”

Thank you doggo!

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