See how Animal lovers of Istanbul are helping homeless animals

animal lovers of Istanbul

The cultural melting pot between the east and the west, Istanbul, the city with shores in Europe and Asia is one to savor. Istanbuls love for all things feline has long allured this dog.

In another heartwarming story from this magical land, the animal lovers of Istanbul are endearingly helping the stray animals from the freezing temperatures.

Animal lovers of Istanbul

With a snow cover of almost 65 cm covering the city overnight, the snow engulfed everything. This is when the city’s animal lovers came forth to keep the stray animals safe and warm from the freezing temperatures.

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cat lovers Istanbul

From animal lovers to local business owners, everyone has kept some much needed warmth in their hearts for the homeless. Selçuk Bayal may have a small store but that didn’t keep him from turning it into a make-shift shelter for stray cats.

kindness animals Istanbul

However in spite of being heaped upon praises from the animal lovers of Istanbul, he has also been criticized by customers, to whom he responded by placing a sign in the shop window stating: “Those who are bothered by cats, do not shop here!”

“We are human, and these creatures are entrusted to us by God. We are responsible for looking after them.”

~ Selçuk Bayal
dog lover Istanbul

When the temperatures dropped to -15 Celsius, the Atrium Mall, of Istanbul, opened their doors to homeless dogs so that they wouldn’t have to spend the night in freezing temperatures. 

And the kindness doesn’t stop here. A group of strangers have laid down cardboard and blankets inside a local mall. Thus the stray dogs and pups have found some much needed warmth in the bleakest of winters.

dog cardbox winter

We can only hope that with such a kind start to the new year, the uplifting news continues to pour in. If you’re considering welcoming a dog into your home, please adopt.

Because dog lovers don’t buy dogs, they adopt.

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