Syllables of silence…

This is the rambling of an almost forgotten dog, forgotten to self, forgotten to cats, to other dogs, and to the world. And he waits — thinking and scribbling, and thinking and scribbling for precisely nothing. And his wait — tragic in fate, existence and essence, mocks him.

“But I don’t“, he said, “want a place of my own in this city of blinding lights; I don’t yearn for rooting myself in the urban Diaspora.”

Syllables of silence
And may the child in you keep exploring…

Like a prisoner in my own accords
Like a ghetto swarmed by acquainted ghosts
Like a feeble thought gone astray
Like a speck of dust dancing in sunray
Amid the chaos, coming home to a pair of wagging tails cures me of me
When was the last time you met yourself?
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6 thoughts on “Syllables of silence…”

  1. Awesome! I know that not many would be able to comprehend it but for those who do, there’s profound wisdom in these words.

  2. Thank you for this. In these wonderful and wise words, we see that their souls and their struggles are one with ours. What sadness that these facts, and these animals, should be “forgotten,” as indeed they are. Shame on the human species.

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