The miracle on the highway – Russian man rescues kitten

Russian man rescues kitten

They say cats have nine lives, this kitten in Russia certainly has!

In the Russian town of Kaliningrad, a surveillance camera recorded an unbelievable rescue footage of a kitten.

The footage dated September 12 shows a kitten who fell out of the car on the busy driveway. Her three-minute peril on the road past the speeding cars and trucks is enough to give any watcher a shaky heart. Think of it, dozens of merciless tires screeching your way in top speed and yet with some divine intervention you manage to stay out of harm’s way… As miraculous it sounds, thankfully the kitten escaped any fatal injury or squashing.

Russian man rescues kitten on a busy highway

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The CCTV footage of this miraculous rescue caused a real stir in social networks. With hoards of commentators rallying behind the man who saved the kitten, the internet wanted to know the identity of the unknown Peugeot driver.

Komsomolskaya Pravda, a Russian daily, took on the search to track down the hero, 43-year-old Denis Degtyarev.

“He was so helpless that I could not pass by. Kitten has appeared very small, not even able to eat and I took him to the sports school where my children are engaged. With the help of good people we find him a new home.” ~Denis

A cat may have nine lives but sometimes she too needs a helping hand. Thanks to good Samaritans like Denis, the world still has hope.

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