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Musings on Mating: A scholarly article from Dr Chunnu Murthy BTech/MBA/PhD (Harvard)

The dog with a doctorate, engineering degree and an MBA!
The dog with a doctorate, engineering degree and an MBA!

Searching for a mate is a complex activity for most dogs. As a resident canine advisor on marital problems, I see a vast spectrum of issues, many of which could have been avoided if the dogs in question had just taken the trouble to apply their minds before proceeding.

I am not one, I should make clear upfront, who believes in ‘breedism’. Merely perpetuating a certain look or attribute – furry, height, physiognomy-fixation, strength, instinctive behaviour etc. – is foolish. Every generation should look for a safe and healthy future of the next litter.  

Issues such as financial security, emotional well-being, an assured supply of appropriate food, free health care are germane to deciding the next step. Irresponsible littering (ha ha ha ha ha ha!) must be condemned.

dog with blog
A boy and his dogs – featuring Sarang and friends. ~Image courtesy Vasudev Murthy.

We have an advantage over homosapiens – we are colour blind. First battle over!

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However, the way some of the younger male dogs while away their time and take on poor attitudes (“any female will do, wink, wink”) points to a deterioration in our value system. I call upon my fellow pooches to be responsible. Interview the potential mate. Inquire about their family history – diseases, attitude, evidence of criminal behaviour etc.

Find out if they have life goals and what they are doing about it – a mere hysterical expression of ‘anything goes, I’m happy-go-lucky’ is a warning. What is their attitude towards past mates and progeny, if any? How do they behave in social settings where there are either many other dogs or humans or a combination? Do they share food?

These simple tests go a long way in determining whether or not you will have a long and happy married life – for at least six months.

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