Korean carnage

Hello humans!

The plight of dog folk in Korea is not a new news byte and yet no significant measures have been made to take care of the same. Time and again hue and cry have been raised by the pet lovers and advocates of animal rights over the deplorable condition of animals in states of Korea and China. The activists are gravely concerned over the repeated ill-treatment of animals in Korea and so am I.

It’s an appeal to my human friends that since International Day of Action for Dogs and Cats in Korea’ is on July 14, 2009, kindly take this oath to care for animal rights, join ‘In Defense of Animals’ … I aren’t asking you to turn vegetarian overnight but would it hurt if you raise your voice at least once when you see someone smacking a street dog in the shed or would it be a herculean effort if you would kindly put some water for a thirsty canine in a midsummer noon?

In Defense of Animals (IDA) will again be co-sponsoring this worldwide event to stop the terrible suffering these animals endure. IDA is working with the South Korean animal protection organizations Coexistence for Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) and Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) to end the brutal slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption. Forced to live in tiny, filthy cages and killed in unimaginably cruel ways, they deserve a voice. I understand that’s its not possible for everyone of us to be there at US Embassy for the event but wherever you are please take out a brief moment from your strict schedules and think for the canines & cats suffering in Korea.

May peace (…& sanity) prevail!

3 thoughts on “Korean carnage”

  1. Serendipity! Dear dog, I loved your blog…I wish to put my arms across your fluffy fur and hug you till an eternity:)I hope that we,the sinner humans learn a lesson or two from your wise words..

  2. Kaalu baby,
    I have long suffered this plight silently, am glad I can share it with you though..I still cant understand how human beings manage to do something so, well, inhuman..Am up in arms with you and hope and pray people begin to care!
    PS: I do not let people beat up strays on the road!

  3. I have been terrified of canines since childhood (due to almost getting bitten at a young age). However, I totally detest people who ill-treat animals for whatever reason. The most heart-breaking incident I witnessed was when 4 little puppies were poisoned by someone in the stealth of the night in our society compound. Thankfully the culprit was found and arrested, but the poor little pups didn’t survive. The amount of cruelty in this world is appalling.

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