See This Kangaroo Hug The Woman Who Rescued Her!

Kangaroo Hug The Woman
Abigail, the kangaroo, lets her caretaker know how grateful she feels by giving her massive snuggles every day!

Meet Abigail, the kangaroo who loves to hug the woman who rescued her. When Abigail arrived at the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, she was just a 5-month-old baby. Fast forward 10 years and she has unofficially become ‘hugging ambassador of the sanctuary’.

But this isn’t an isolated instance, animals never forget any kindness you show them. Histories are replete with such anecdotes, remember the lion who recognized his humans?

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See this Kangaroo Hug the Woman who rescued her


This brings back memories of the summer of 2015 when a photograph of a woman embracing a kangaroo after the devastating Australian bush fires went viral.

kangaroo woman hug
Jo Morris and her husband Gregg have run a shelter for kangaroos for the past seven years.

We hope this cuddling ritual goes on for the decades to come. This world, for sure, can do better with more hugs!

BTW did you hug your dog today? 

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