Italian Town bans crackers for the sake of dogs!

Italian town bans crackers The dogs can now sleep easy in the Italian town of Collecchio!

For long we’ve known of the discomfort that our four-legged pals go through because of the crackers. Be it the fourth of July celebrations in the USA,  the Diwali festivities closer home or the New Years Eve, pets and the homeless animals bear the worst of this fanfare.

The sudden noise of fireworks is jarring to the dogs because of their sensitive hearing powers. The explosion that happens when a firework is set off can cause animals to have heart problems, nausea, tremors, debilitating fears and lightheadedness. More often than not, the poor animals get confused as to where the loud foreign noise is coming from causing them to run frantically leading to accidents. The animals who are too close to the site of the explosion may receive burns or fatal injuries.

Not anymore!

Italian town bans crackers!

Collecchio in the province of Parma is giving dogs and dog lovers a great reason to celebrate. As a show of respect for its animals, the town will no longer permit the use of traditional fireworks. The local government has introduced new legislation whereby people have to use silent fireworks as a way of respecting the animals and reducing the stress it causes them.

happy dog girl
All Smiles!

Setti Fireworks, the company that makes these silent fireworks produces the silent light shows (with no deafening sounds), designs each one according to the venue, the number of guests, and the importance of the event.

Here’s hoping that more cities across the world draw inspiration from Italy!

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