Dolphin Delights

pictures-dolphin-kissing-black-dog-photo, Dolphin Delights

The erstwhile state of the fauna kingdom akin to cuckoo’s nest can finally slay some cobwebs off the mantle as the twitterers welcome the sanguine news of Indian government’s epic coronation of my whistling amigo from water- the good old deary Dolphin as its national aquatic animal.

As a spokesperson of genus Canis and fauna the world over [Ain’t I good at self-promotion?] I overwhelmingly applaud this sane move. I hope it helps in saving the pristine yet playful freshwater delight from disappearing from the country’s aqua-map. The dwindling number of Dolphins(less than 2000 as per the last census) had earlier cautioned the World Conservation Union to declare it as an endangered species.

India has a national bird(Peacock) and national animal(Tiger) and now Dolphin gets the distinction of completing the triad of Earth, air and water. With this historic declaration, the Government hopes not only to ensure the survival of the species which are endemic to river Ganga but also seek cleansing of the river. The Environment and Forest minister Mr Jairam Ramesh emphasized the pivotal role played by my aquatic friend by drawing an analogy with the big feline, the symbol of ecosystem in forests. In his words, ‘Since the river dolphin is at the apex of the aquatic food chain, its presence in adequate numbers symbolizes greater biodiversity in the river system’.

Dolphin dog kissing boat river, cute dolphin photograph

Its hard for me to contain my euphoria over my ultrasonically blessed friend’s probable promising future! Here’s wishing Dear Dolphin all the best:)

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PS: The photograph in the post has been taken from the web and no matter how much I would have loved it, I ain’t that black dog.

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