12 Amazing Dogs with world Records!

dogs with world records
Dogs with world records!

All dogs are special. Brimming with unbridled love, affection and energy that channels through every pore of their existence.

The champions that dogs are, it is only natural that some of them have their names in the annals of Guinness Book of World records!

In this post, we celebrate some of these amazing dogs with their award-winning talents.

Dogs with world records!

1. Zeus, the tallest dog in the world.

tallest dog in the world
Zeus, the Great Dane stands 1.1 meters when he’s on all fours.

2. The World’s smallest dog 

Smallest dog (length) – Milly, the chihuahua, at just 3.8 inches.

world's smallest dog

Smallest dog in height – Brady, the chihuahua, at only 6 inches.

smallest dog in the world

3. Purin, the dog who caught most balls by paw in 1 Minute.

dog world record

And if you had any doubts as to why dogs deserve to play the FIFA world cup, look no further than this doggo. Purin can catch little soccer balls like a pro. His world record stands at 14 Balls caught in a single minute!

Liverpool FC, are you listening?

BTW, Purin also holds the world record – for being the fastest dog balancing on a ball.

4. Auggie, the dog who held most tennis balls in mouth. 

If there ever was a record that made every dog jealous! Auggie successfully gathered and held 5 balls.

dog loves ball

5. Norman, the dog who clocked fastest 30 Meters on a Scooter

dog scooter
Norman scooted 30 meters in just 20.77 seconds.

Awesome Dog Facts You Need to Know.

6. Jiff, the World’s fastest dog on two paws!

dog two paws

Jiff, the Pomeranian holds not one but TWO Guinness World Records – both for walking on two legs. He can run 10 meters on his hind legs in 6.56 seconds, and 5 meters on his front paws in 7.76 seconds.

He has also starred in Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ music video.

7. Finnegan, the dog with the longest tail

dog longest tail
This Irish wolfhound has a tail that measures at 28.46 inches.

Finally, a dog who won’t find it hard to catch his tail.

8. Puggy, the dog with the longest tongue

dog longest tongue
With a tongue that’s 4.5 inches long, friendly licks are just around the corner!

9. Charlie, the dog with the loudest bark

loudest bark record
With a bark this staggering (113.1 Decibels) who needs a microphone?

10. Bluey, the oldest dog.
Bluey, the Australian cattle-dog lived a ripe happy age of 29+ years. He began working with sheep and cows in 1910 and kept on going until 14 November 1939.

11. Bruschi, the dog with the largest eyes ever recorded on a dog

dog funny eyes
This cute Boston Terrier holds the Guinness World Record with eyes measuring at 28mm.

12. Tubby, most bottles recycled by a dog!

Tubby helped recycle an approximate 26,000 plastic bottles which he collected during walks with his human.

Guinness Book Record or not, dogs are the heroes we need. See, Whizz, the dog who saved 9 people from drowning. And how can we forget the heroics of Zanjeer, the Bombay police dog who foiled many a terror plot?

Dogs have an inherent talent to warm hearts of everyone they meet and that in itself is no mean feat.

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