Just a roving dog in Rome…

There’s a vibe about Rome that I haven’t felt in any city I’ve been to.

There I was ― a solo backpacker roaming aimlessly at the crux of western civilization, clocking 20 kilometers a day on foot. Incognito for a week, vacations like they should be.

No footsteps to rhyme mine but furry friends, never far.

Ramblings of a dog in Rome

dog in Rome
I kept Senora’s company, an evening, as she waited for her human to return from the grocery gig.

And then there was Frida, the friendly police dog I met in the Vatican city.

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Some moments fleet us even as we are living them. In some crevice of your heart, you know that try as you may with every atom of your being, it never lasts.

But there are seasons after summer too. Frida hasn’t forgotten that.

It was on my penultimate evening in Roma (I love how the Italians call Rome) that I met Leo, the dog

Gazing into the Trevi fountain, the philosophic Leo seemed to have forgotten who he was, a dog.

But then, isn’t it a beautiful thing, to forget who you are?

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