A boy and his dog, both adopted, BFF!

best friends a boy and his dog

We may live in torrid times ― of terror instigated in the name of religionborders or corporate greed but sometimes hope is just around the corner, gleaming in the eyes of the innocent. In this case a pair of best friends, boy and dog!

Meet three-year-old foster child Buddy and his best friend Reagan (the labradoodle), both adopted.

This pair, cute as a button, do everything together, whether it’s taking a bath, napping, or playing on swings.

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best friends boy and dog

“Reagan is great with kids and other dogs, he hasn’t met another dog or person that he doesn’t like… Adopting Reagan was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. He has added so much joy to our lives, and to the lives of many other people.”

~ Sandi Swiridoff, the little boy’s foster grandmother

labradoodle and boy

Reagan was adopted as an 8-week-pup to help Sandi’s daughter cope with grief. While Buddy was adopted as a 11-month-old baby and has been surrounded with Reagan’s love ever since.

Best friends, a boy and his dog are winning the internet!

dog boy best friends

These best friends are now releasing a charitable book to support a foster parent organization! The profits from the book featuring these best friends would be donated to help foster children.

beautiful friendship boy dog
kid and dog friends
adopted kid and dog
dog kid Halloween
fancy dress boy dog
cute photo boy and dog
boy dog best friends
boy dog fancy dress
labradoodle dog boy
The cutest duo often wear matching outfits!

The touching, true story of Reagan and his little Buddy needs to be told.


Share this wonderful sweet story of friendship with the world. Why keep all the adorableness mushiness to yourself? 🙂

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