Wonderful! Airlines break the rule to allow dogs on board!

From Alberta, Canada to Uttarakhand, India, wildfires are wreaking havoc on an unprecedented scale.  In the aftermath of these tragedies, some humane stories have been springing up too.

Canadian airlines break the rule to allow dogs on board!

Airlines break the rule to allow dogs on board
Who needs Leg Room? 🙂

The Canadian wild fires caused more than 80,000 Fort McMurray residents to flee in order to save their lives — abandoning their possessions and homes behind, at the mercy of the fire.  However, the worst loss of it all was that some residents were separated from their beloved pets.

Under normal circumstances, the airlines levy significant fees and have strict rules about allowing pets on board (normally pets are restricted to the plane’s cargo hold) but the two Canadian airlines – West Jet and Canadian North ensured that evacuating residents weren’t separated from their furry friends. They allowed the displaced pets to fly in main cabins along with their owners!

dogs plane
Thank you Canadian North Air and West Jet for letting people bring their pets on board as they were trying to flee the wildfires.

These evacuation flights saw many people turning up with their beloved pets thanks to the efforts of animal rescue groups and volunteers who helped save trapped pets from their homes.

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According to CBC News, one Canadian North flight to Edmonton last Thursday carried 130 human passengers — as well as 19 dogs, including a Great Dane, five cats and two turtles.

“When we touched down, we got a standing ovation. It brought tears to our eyes, it’s a flight that will always remain in my memory.”  ~Wanda Murray, flight attendant

dog flight
Thanks to the airlines, passengers accommodated pets escaping wildfires by bringing them on board!

“It’s definitely unusual to carry pets in the cabin, but due to the unusual circumstances we were able to bend the rules to accommodate these animals,” ~ Canadian North spokesperson

And that’s not all, Canadian North staff are even involved in some cute cat-sitting of their own. Meow Meow, the cat whose owner went into labor shortly after her evacuation, is serving as a temporary flight attendant!

cat airplane

Sometimes breaking rules is good. We dogs, for sure, would fly these carriers whenever we travel to the land of maple leaf 🙂

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  1. super – like this initiative and will be ecstatic the day it comes to India too. Ours is a country with the largest percentage of vegetarians (that includes me : ) but we are not yet doing enough for our furry and feathered companions. It’s good to see content like this and volunteers who do what’s possible in their individual capacities. Nice post!

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