10 reasons Will Graham dog lover is the best character on TV!

will graham dog lover Hannibal
Will Graham is perhaps the most canine-friendly character on TV right now. #Fannibal

NBC may have canceled the fourth season for Hannibal, but the dogs of Will Graham have told us over Skype that they are hopeful of some other (read: sane) network renewing them for a run.

Dr Hannibal needs no introduction but for us dogs, the showstopper from this dark and beautiful TV series has been Will Graham; perhaps the only guy on TV today (with exception of Jon Snow) to have won the utmost canine affection. Kind, caring and flawed in just the right measure to be labelled as endearing, Will shares his life with a bunch of dogs, all of them adopted as strays. What’s there not to like about this guy? The exhibit below showcases 10 Reasons why Will Graham is the best dog lover on TV:

Will Graham dog lover Hannibal

1. Will Graham, the dog lover, adopts strays at the mere sight. Who knows if dogs are the reason behind his uncanny knack of hunting down serial killers.

Will Graham adopt dog

2. Will bathes Them

WIll Graham bathes dog gif

3. …Towel-dries them

Hannibal dogs

4. Introduces them to the pack!

Will Graham dogs

5. Will takes the time to feed his dogs, even when he may occasionally feel like skipping the supper himself.

Will Graham feeding dogs

6. Will Graham is greeted by a pack of love whenever he gets home!  

Hannibal dogs gif
Come out, come out wherever you are!

7. The loving parent he is, he always finds time to play with the pets. 

Will Graham plays with dogs

8. This seems to be the underlying philosophy that Mr. Graham is driven with: 

will graham dog lover Hannibal

9. When he is imprisoned(wrongly), guess who visits him?  

will graham jail dog
Orange is the new black?

10. Spends quiet nights with his dogs by his side.


Over to you, who’s your favourite dog lover on TV?

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