This Sadhu and his dogs travel everywhere together!

Sadhu and his dogs travel
Sadhu Dula Nath has been travelling with his dogs for the past 10 years! Image courtesy: ANI

Dogs make the best travel companions. Even if you are a hermit.

Sadhu Dula Nath, Lord Shiva devotee, travels to all religious places with his dogs on a bike! In an interview he gave to the news agency ANI, near Amarnath temple, he said that he has been travelling with these ‘devotee dogs‘ for the past ten years.

Sadhu and his dogs travel together!

“I’ve been taking them to religious places, just visited Amarnath Temple. I don’t leave them alone anywhere.”

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Amarnath Temple, the holy cave shrine in Jammu and Kashmir is perched at an altitude of 12,756 feet. Every year in Saavan, the fifth month of the Hindu calendar, pilgrims pay their respects to Lord Shiva by embarking upon a journey.

sadhu dogs travel

This year, a dastardly attack by terrorists saw seven Amarnath pilgrims dead – including six women, and 19 injured.

Here’s hoping that along with their brethren i.e. the army dogs, Sadhu’s dogs too would offer pilgrims a sense of security in these dire times.

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