And when I’m reborn as a dog…

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Aug 01, 2016

reborn as a dog

What if you were reborn as a dog?, asked the feral cat.

Before I could mull over it, she shot another query, “I know you wouldn’t want to be a cat because you aren’t that smart. Are you? Let me rephrase my question for the sake of clarity: Which species would you wish to be born as if not human?”

A Dog” , I quipped.

“Knew it”, with an abject disdain, the cat inquired, “And what do you plan to do then?

When I’m reborn as a dog

I will roll forever in the sun-lit grass under the canopy of deodars.
I’d greet my loved ones with unbridled joy (for I know they’re all returning from war fronts.)
And I’d hug all that this world has long ostracized to marginalia.
I’d let go of living for a perfect future and run to where I am meant to be.
May be I’d sink my sharp teeth in mean rascals who deserve a biting.
And I’d gladly give up words for woofs.
Renounce all of my lies for love.
And may be I’d become what I am trying to say…

From Yudhisthira’s tale in Mahabharat to the Tibetan book of dead, salvation and reincarnation have been a recurring theme.

What would you like to be reborn as?

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