See how this Pune dog lover is helping the stray dogs!

Pune dog lover

There’s this thing about grieving. The world yearns you to snap out of it and yet there in your head you keep playing the elegy on repeat like a broken vinyl record, hoping for a different tune. And all this while you wait and wonder if there’s a way to turn your grief into something positive.

Sometimes there is.

Meet Padmini Stump, the Pune dog lover and founder of animal welfare organization Mission Possible. Padmini began rescuing dogs eight years ago, when her son collapsed in a fatal accident in Dubai, where her family is based.

This Pune dog lover is making a gigantic difference to the lives of stray dogs!

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Padmini’s rescued dogs have found parents in Bollywood actors like Nana Patekar and Rati Agnihotri.

For over eight years, Padmini and her family friend, renowned oncologist Dr Ravindra Kasbekar, have been looking after the injured and abandoned dogs of Pune.

Padmini has built sheds in the open area around her bungalow, Gulshan Mahal, where she shelters the recuperating animals. The modest facility that she started has since become a buzzing rescue and adoption Centre. With nearly 100 dogs being treated and looked after at any given time, and over 1,400+ adoptions till date, Mission Possible is doing great work for the canine cause.

What is in it for this lady who hops between Pune and UAE to rescue, vaccinate and foster these homeless animals? Why not stay where her grandchildren are, far from the cacophony of neighbors who can’t understand what she does.

“After that I tried everything from praying to satsang, but nothing brought me peace. Helping these animals is worship to me, and gives me solace that if I couldn’t save my son’s life at least I can save theirs.”

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“People are very brand conscious and want only pedigree dogs. Then what will happen to our local breeds? They are more hardy and loving than the fancy ones.” ~Padmini

Hope for Pune’s strays

Padmini keeps coming across poignant lives of pawed pals – dog with an ear blown off by a firecracker, dog with his eyes gouged and a multitude of road injury cases.  Thanks to the care that these patients receive at Mission Possible, they get a second lease of life. In a slow manner, they have also taken to trusting humans, all over again.

However not everyone has celebrated this kind woman’s spirit, she has met with resistance from neighbors who complain of ‘noise’ and ask her to not nurse injured dogs in her bungalow.

 “I can’t close my doors on the needy. Moreover, it’s my property. It’s not as if I have encroached on someone else’s property to shelter these animals. How can someone else dictate about who can stay? I am helping the destitute.”

Dog with Blog urges our Pune readers to please help this kind lady via volunteering at the shelter or by adopting one of the Indian dogs Padmini so lovingly cares for. We are sure that like Padmini, you too would rediscover your smile in the jocund company of the canine.  Dr. Kasbekar who cares for the dogs between his surgeries at the city hospitals, helps with sterilization of street dogs as well.

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34 thoughts on “See how this Pune dog lover is helping the stray dogs!”

  1. Today I saw one stray dog puppy badly enjured (back side leg) @ Wagheshwar Parking, Wagholi Pune. Please help that puppy.

  2. Hello.. could you please rescue 2 dogs under my building. One is female n male. Society people hit them and planning to put petrol on their body so that no stray dog can come.. I feed them regularly. If you rescue them n keep them at a safer place that would be much helpful and appreciated. I stay on rent and the owner doesn’t allow. Kindly reply.

    1. Thanks Juhi! It’s wonderful to hear that you’re interested in helping out with volunteering and donations. While we don’t actively seek donations here at Dog With Blog, there are still plenty of ways you can make a positive impact.

      One of the most valuable things you can do is spread the word about adoption. We keep sharing adoption/foster updates on our social handles – please share them on your social media or even consider starting a conversation with friends and family about the importance of adopting pets in need. By doing so, you’re helping to create awareness and potentially connecting pets with loving homes.

      If you have some time to spare, volunteering at your local animal shelter or rescue organization can be incredibly rewarding. They often welcome volunteers to help with tasks like walking dogs, socializing with animals, or assisting with administrative work.

      Remember, every little bit counts, and your efforts can make a big difference in the lives of these animals. Thank you for being an advocate for our furry friends! 🐾

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