14 Absolutely Awesome photographs of the dog in wild

Ace photographer Theron Humphrey lives the wild like it needs to be lived, with his dog by his side! From a stream of what are some of the most breath-taking captures, we have compiled upon our favorite photographs of his dog in the wild. He takes his dog with him pretty much everywhere and his photo set for this is awesome! May be his is the happiest dog on the planet!

His Instagram makes for a riveting scroll as if the conversation went something like: “Buddy! Just go sit over there and be the coolest thing ever.” and the dog says, “Sure!”.

Here are 14 photographs of the dog in wild when Theron took his best friend on an adventure:

dog outdoor pic
Raw, untamed and snowy white! Let’s run free 🙂
dog on a bike
Friends who ride together, stay together!
sled dog human
How about role-reversal, human!
dog river photographer
dog awesome photo
All of this is mine. I just have to pee on it first!
photographs of the dog in wild
All that’s green and good…
dog in tent
Let’s venture out!
dog mustard field
Ah, all this scent!
dog cave photo
Let’s find mermaids and new lands…
dog car passenger
No traffic!
dog surreal picture
You humans may keep your mineral water, i drink from the wilds!
dog snow lake
Hello, is anybody out there?
dog adventure photo
Brace yourselves. Winter is coming!
dog amazing pic nature
Good morning World!

Have your own photographs of the dog in wild? Please share them with us!

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