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Palm dog award

Dogs are pivotal characters on the big screen, alighting it with not only their furry antics but also dabbling with more demanding genres like drama. Alas, they don’t really get the recognition they deserve for their acting prowess.

Legend has it that during the very first Academy Awards, a GSD named Rin Tin Tin, gained the most votes for the Best Actor only to be ignored. The world rallied behind Leonardo DiCaprio till he got his Oscar but what about the other notable contenders – the canine kind, long snubbed by the Academy?

And that’s not all, remember Cosmo in ‘Beginners’ and Uggie in ‘The Artist’.

Palm Dog Award

Palm Dog Award, a yearly alternative award presented by the international film critics at Cannes Film festival, honors the best performance by a four-legged star. These awards have rapidly grown in stature, due to the illustrious ensemble of a jury made up of some of the world’s leading movie critics.

Palm dog award is now one of the most recognized and lauded fixtures at the Cannes Film Festival. The awards are covered by The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Le Monde, The Sydney Morning Herald and not to forget, Dog with Blog 🙂

palm dog award
The award consists of a leather dog collar with the term “PALM DOG”.

The award has a phenomenal track record of predicting Cannes best film winners. Uggie was named top dog for his star turn in The Artist in 2011. That film went on to win the Palme d’Or and the Oscar. In 2014, the entire canine cast of White God was honoured, and that film went on to win the top prize in the Un Certain Regard.

Recipients of the Palm Dog awards:

cave of the yellow dog
Bruno, the mongrel in The Cave of the Yellow Dog (2005). A tender movie about a nomad girl growing up on the Mongolian steppes who befriends a shepherd dog.

Mops in Marie Antoinette (2006), a biopic on the Archduchess.  Marie Antoinette dog

In 2007 for the first time, the Palm Dog was awarded in a tie: All the stray dogs in Mid Road Gang and Yuki in Persepolis

mid road gang dog
The dogs in the Thai movie ‘Mid Road Gang’.
Persepolis dog
The mischievous hound in the Persepolis, the film about Iran’s Islamic revolution.

Lucy in Wendy and Lucy (2008) took us through a penniless girl’s journey to Alaska accompanied by her dog…

Wendy and Lucy dog

Dug in Up (2009) helps the grieving old man to expect love all over again.

up movie dog
Dug, the delightful doggo in ‘Up’ spoke English thanks to a collar that translated his thoughts into speech.

Boss in the romantic comedy Tamara Drewe (2010), a modern retelling of Far From The Madding Crowd.

Uggie in The Artist (2011) not only won the Palm Dog at Cannes but also had a legion of fans rooting for him to be nominated for an Oscar.

Banjo and Poppy in one of the best black comedies ever, Sightseers (2012)

sightseers dog
white god poster
The brutal and beautiful story of oppressed dogs and their rising to serve justice to coldhearted humans.

Lucky the Maltipoo in Arabian Nights (2015)

Nellie in Paterson (2016)

paterson dog
The dog in this philosophic tale of a bus-driving poet and his wife charmed the audiences.

Einstein as Bruno in The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (2017)

dog Meyerowitz Stories
Einstein, the doggo is perhaps the only sane character in the dramedy – – The Meyerowitz Stories.
  • Joy, the Chihuahua in the Italian film Dogman (2018) was awarded the Palm Dog award. dogman award

Complement this with more doggo movies – and some from Bollywood.

After all, they’re the best in the show!

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