Can dogs get coronavirus?

With the images of dogs wearing face masks popping in our social streams, and countless WhatsApp threads giving wind to miracle cures of every kind - many pet owners were left wondering - can dogs get coronavirus? In early March 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 novel coronavirus as a global pandemic. The [...]

The Chile revolution dog who led the student protests

Street art reimagining Keanu Reeves as the patron saint of stray dogs in Chile. He's holding a puppy called Negro 'Matapacos', Chilean symbol of protest and resistance against police brutality. In the early 2010s when the students in Chile took to the streets against the privatization of universities demanding education became more accessible for everybody, [...]

Togo movie review – the legend of an unsung hero!

Togo movie review Disney's latest hit 'Togo' celebrates a forgotten hero. In 1925, a devastating case of diphtheria broke out in the isolated Alaskan village of Nome. The lifesaving serum was a thousand miles away, but the port was closed due to ice, and planes couldn't fly in the deadly winter storm. Nome's only hope [...]