Maa: Lady of my life!

Greetings everyone!

Stumbled upon this incredible video on youtube, a stray dog gently rescuing  another stray canine from the middle of a highway in heavy traffic! The video is from the feed of  surveillance camera.

Hair raising, isn’t it?

Going by the calendar’s marquee, although I have always believed in the  immortality of the emotion rather than affixing a date to it; to me love should be celebrated year long and not only on V day. Similarly, the greatest of all relations mother permeates through the life and timelines.

An adage runs, ” God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.

It came as no surprise to me when British Council’s survey declared ‘mother’ as the most beautiful word in English language 🙂 I don’t really know where she might be, for we canines don’t really have the luxury of being with our mothers for long. I had been taken away by a hillside farmer but later I was adopted by this kind woman who now resonates to the picture of mother to me.

The day also marks the 150th birth anniversary of one of the greatest literary figures, Nobel laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore.  Guess, this post of mine is all about connoting luminaries so here are the verses that immaculately captures my senses.

I cannot remember my mother,
only sometime in the midst of my play
a tune seems to hover over my playthings,
the tune of some song that she used to
hum while rocking my cradle.

I cannot remember my mother
but when in the early autumn morning
the smell of the shiuli flowers floats in the air,
the scent of the morning service in the
temple comes to me as the scent of my mother.

I cannot remember my mother
only  when from bedroom window
I send my eyes into the blue of the distant sky,
I feel that the stillness of my mother’s gaze on my face
has spread all over the sky.

Here’s to dearest mother, I love you!

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A lion in the living room…

heart warming story of friendship & love between two men and the lion.  lion in the living room

So you thought Hobbes was the only domesticated predatory feline in popular culture? Though wonderful as he is, Hobbes has a twin persona of being a stuffed toy to Calvin’s parents and an animated intelligent tiger to Calvin. Lets cross the Atlantic ocean and zero in on King’s road, London of 1969. There was a lion who traveled by Bentley, ate in fine London restaurants, played soccer in a church backyard and spent his days lounging in a furniture shop. The incredible yet true story of the pet lion ‘Christian’, his playful antics in the London of Beatles era, his bonding with the humans to his eventual release into the wild – is as moving as it is incredible. Fact, they say, is stranger than fiction!

Anthony “Ace” Bourke and John Rendall, two Australians who in 1969 were living in a hip section of London had come across a lion cub in a cage at the Harrods department store in the  “exotic animals” section! The friends decided to bring the cub home and soon the three bonded like kindred souls. Christian was more like a large cat rather than the lion, but then after a year he had grown to be of epic proportions with regard to his weight and size to be kept in an apartment. The friends decided to take Christian to his natural habitat in Kenya and with the help of renowned wild life conservationist George Adamson.

In 1972, the friends revisited Kenya to meet their old friend. The reunion’s edited video has become a cult classic in YouTube and a worldwide sensation, more than 30 years after the event. The quondam footage of a grownup lion gleefully bosoming two young men like a love lorn canine has made myriad eyes misty.

As this article aptly puts it,

What is it about the old, grainy images that have attracted millions of clicks around the globe? Is it simply that a lion, whimsically named Christian, remembered the two men who raised it and then released it into the wild? But it may be something more: the indelible image of a creature that could kill a man in seconds behaving like a pussycat with two men it obviously loves, smack in the middle of the African bush.

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PS Image copyright: Discovery/Animal Planet