Dog spelled backwards is god

There is a reason why Dog spelled backwards is God.

Dogs and their reference in the mythology, as old as art itself, keep looking at us with ironical discomfort. In a society where religion dominates the psyche why not have the positives from the religion? The gods certainly don’t need gold, do they?

In ancient Egypt, the jackal-headed god Anubis was the god of the dead, protector of the afterlife. Closer home in India, Hinduism believes that dogs guard the doors of heaven and hell. Shvan (Sanskrit word for dog) is often mentioned in Vedic texts as a deity and associated with Hindu God Bhairava. The epic Mahabharat has a story on how Yudhisthira had approached the heaven with his dog.

Dog spelled backwards is God!

In China, the dog is one of the 12 animals honored in Chinese astrology. The second day of the Chinese New Year is considered to be the birthday of all dogs.

The Catholic Church recognizes Saint Roch (also called Saint Rocco), as the patron saint of dogs. The legend has it that caught by plague while doing charitable work he went into the forest, expecting to die. There he was befriended by a dog which licked his sores and brought him food, and he was able to recover. The feast day of Saint Roch, August 16, is celebrated in Bolivia as the “birthday of all dogs.” St Rochus (St Roch) and his dog are often depicted together in paintings and statues throughout Europe.

St_Rochus dog lover
St Rochus is often depicted in statues and paintings with his dog.

dog spelled backwards, divine canine

Maybe  we are looking at it incorrectly. Dog is not God spelt backwards, God is Dog spelt backwards.

What do you think?

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Welcome aboard…Gucci!

Gucci & Runa
Welcome aboard Gucci

Woof woof!

Ladies and Gentlemen! [Though I wonder if it applies anymore:)] Roll on the red carpets, raise your toasts and bow down to the disarming innocence of my pawed friend comrade Gucci! Gucci and Runa [Gucci’s caretaker or vice versa, see we dogs have no masters:)] mark their debut post here but believe me.they are going to be a regular feature on this Dog diary! Gucci also happens to be the double distinction holder student from Dog Institute of Technology with majors in Feline chases and PHD on ‘Prospective hypothesis and explanations to the eternal question- Why Dog chase cars?‘  So without further adieu,here’s the canine himself,Gucci and the dame Runa… unplugged for you!

Missed the one chance we had at winning a gorgeous IPL match against stupid Zinta’s team. Last ball losses, I cant take them no more! No one remembers the brave front we put, people remember how we didn’t win any.. So my pet, Gucci decided to do something no dog must have ever attempted in history of dog kind. He is recuperating from an operation since January, and has been put on a doodh-dahi diet ever since. He also wears a weird collar that stops him from licking his wounds. Now, he has been watching all of us having good food since a long time, and has waited for the right time. His collar is off now, so he is in mood for some action.

We had samosas last evening, and kept the remains on the edge of our terrace. Around 8, after crying a bit for my team, I dressed up to go buy a gift for a friend, and by chance walked into my terrace. And there I see, Gucci walking on the edge of the wall, like an expert rope walker, and licking those samosa crumbs off the edge. The oxygen in my wind pipe or food pipe got stuck right there, and I wondered how long would it be till the soft toy of my universe would have a false stepping. Am not a person who waits too long for things to happen, I need to get into action, so I calmly called him, “Gucci..?” He turned to see me and well, now he was even more precariously placed as there was very less space for all the four paws to stand vertically in that area. Horizontally, it was still fine. But vertically, I didn’t want to imagine.. I slowly walked to him, hoping he didn’t decide to move an inch, and as soon as I got to him, I clutched his tummy and lifted him up like this was a Roadies task that would win me life itself! Gucci was saved.

I took him into the drawing room, threw him on the couch and rolled up a paper (weapon of mass destruction) and beat him up till I got tired. A suicidal dog isn’t exactly what I had wanted in life. He is getting better after months altogether, and I possibly couldn’t let him die over a few samosa crumbs!! What was he thinking!? I couldn’t calm down after hours, and later on, I almost hit Baba for giving him salad. Later I almost hit my maid with a rolled up newspaper as she tried to hug him thanking God for saving his life! Only Ma glared, and 24 hours hence, she is still glaring (it is to remind Gucci of the grave offense he has committed)

I am sure dogs don’t have a fear of heights or anything, but well, I have all those fears and more. Gucci’s samosa escapade could have costed me dearly and well, I am not ready to forgive him just yet.. It rained tonight and Gucci came to me, all wet and fuzzy (he loves the rains), and sat over my left foot, and is snoring ever so lightly now..Oh let it be, I will be angry at him some other day..You just cant resist this feeling called love ..

P.S. On a serious note…Gucci and Runa, no words which I could woof would echo my gratitude and respect for the two of you. As with the best things in life, which can’t be fit into words.  May the readers too get inspired to adopt a street dog or to treat their own with love compassion and care which is rightly deserved by every dog.

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The soon to be famous one liner

..and there are times like these when the mere sight of  a keyboard induces me into sleep:)

However since my kind has quite a reputation for being loyal henceforth I, better, live up to the cherished name and post regularly from here on!  So ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, here’s the soon to be famous one liner.

You are safe, lady…the only females I kill are mosquitoes!

PS: Violaters of copyright infringements shall be dealt with my teeth:)

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