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Noise – a poem

noise poem - dog with blog Far from noise of the maddening world.

And it has always been
An uneven equation
Answers too many
Not enough question

Many authors
Few writers
A motley of DSLR
Photographers yet afar

Houses for sale
A dearth of homes
Tourists in torrents
Travellers long gone

Many a lost souls
Loonies too few
Ridiculed and resigned
Lives on stroll.

Often a bystander to the suburban mayhem, a dog on the loose, I witness life through forsaken corners. In the stark oblivion of all things clear and present, I accumulate anecdotes from lives that could have been. If you happen to see me sleep on the bed of leaves and plastic wastes, do say hello, for music is rare to find in this world of noise.

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8 thoughts on “Noise – a poem”

  1. Jasmeet Kukreja (@nataunkigori)

    whenever i clone my visit in ur blog , feel so much of warmth and go thru all old posts randomly 🙂 good to see u hv started poetry too

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