Love’s labor lost…

“Do you know what love is?” asked the Cat.

With the alacrity of a hermit seeking life’s meaning, she would always ask me the pivotal question. It has been quite some time since then and yet I don’t have an answer. And I wonder if I ever will.

Love’s labor lost…

Love; perhaps it resonates far across in a place as old as time─ seeping out somewhere in a terrain long forgotten; in the path of roving dogs or in the flight of the mynah. And who knows if it lurks in the tales which are themselves trapped in brazen boundaries ─ pregnant with a pungent past overriding the poignant present.

Bukowski love quotes

And who knows for sure if salvation lies in recluse or lurks in love. For when you get too close to a person, the intimacy fades out the world.

I must confess I have never been a fan of ‘Valentines Day’. Earmarking a solitary day in the calendar for the most passionate emotion in the universe confirms that the dollar has forayed into the cupid’s domain. Some of the most endearing tales I have known have had the love as a perennial plot.

dog comforts girl breakup
Dogs are the best Therapy.

Carpe Diem! For, all that’s beautiful, drifts away like iridescent soap bubbles. Measured in moments; poetic in essence; lost in recollections.

 “Do you know what love is?” She inquires again.

I am reading the signs…

“Who is she?” she quips.

Don’t get me wrong; I do like cats but its dogs I love.

PS  Susie Derkins, if she existed would have made an interesting date 😉

Calvin & Hobbes Valentines day, Love's labor lost

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13 thoughts on “Love’s labor lost…”

  1. Abhi, I’m forever in awe of the way in which you write, which is apart from being absolutely brilliant – also so different, simple and real.

    Honestly, I envy you for being able to write to wonderfully well.

    About this post – “Earmarking a solitary day in the calendar for the most passionate emotion in the universe confirms that dollar has forayed into the cupid’s domain” Yes, absolutely! Couldn’t agree more.

    And yes, “I do like cats but its dogs I love.” I can so relate to this too!

    “Susie Derkins, if she existed would have made an interesting date.” Most certainly! Brains these days are a rarity! Oops, didn’t mean to be rude to anyone! But facts are facts, you see 😉

    1. Thanks Rakesh,

      Just when I was beginning to wonder if any eyes were scanning through the posts, I come across this thumping comment from you:)

      The world for sure isn’t what Calvin and Hobbes would have idealized it to be but the breath of hope still stirs the fallen leaves, some day we’ll board the flight to Yukon Ho! 🙂

  2. Agree with Rakesh, word to word.
    And yes…if you believe reality inspiring fiction, then there is a Susie Derkins in the real world.
    A calvin exists does’nt he? Susie can’t be far way…

    1. That’s so very kind of you Taruna:)
      Resigned to Ruskin Bond’s solitary fate , Susie is but a figment of Mr. Waterson’s fiction and I am yet deciphering my own co-ordinates in the wild of the humanity. With each deft stroke of alphabet that the meager subscriber list that I have ink these comments, a part of my heart celebrates in rejuvenation!

      Thanks for being there, through words and my madness:)

  3. Ironcially, Hobbes and a reluctant Calvin would have agreed otherwise… ’cause without one the others simply did not exsist!….rest to your interpretation!

  4. btw if one were to follow your justification of Watterson’s figment of imagination, what do you have to say of Captain Napalm. Not to forget our explorer Spaceman Spiff or private eye Tracer Bullet! And how to explain Stupendous Man!!!!… Still a figment of someone’s imagination! i don’t think so.

    1. Perhaps the rudiments of reality in form of Moe and Mrs. Wormwood deluded my senses…thanks to your words my faith in Yukon Ho! is resurrected:)

  5. Hmm-Love-its a bit ofe verything

    Friendship, respect, trust, togetherness, spaces in your togetherness(Kahlil Gibran), tears, joy, laughter, anger, acceptance, – some white, a bit of black and lots of grey

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