How One Man Saved 450 Homeless Dogs!

Dog lover sanctuary stray dogs, how one man saved 450 homeless dogs

How one man saved 450 homeless dogs

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2 thoughts on “How One Man Saved 450 Homeless Dogs!”

  1. Hi! I love your blog. I am Shonamoni, I was adopted 8 years back when I was hit by the car. I was a month old puppy then and wondered away from my mother and lost my way in the bylanes. I have two sisters who were also rescued and adopted when their mother disappeared. We love our home and our humans but we are very worried about our cousins who have not found a loving home like us. We hear that they are being killed indiscriminately here in Kerala. We were somewhat relieved to hear that the Supreme Court of India has strictly forbidden indiscriminate killing of street dogs. We are keeping our paws crossed and praying everyday for our cousins’ well being because some humans in Kerala are very cruel. They have even formed an organization to kill all street dogs and supposedly make Kerala street dog free. Sigh….OK bye for now. Will ask granny to read out our blog to us regularly.

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