How I met my best friend!

Sniff* scratch* whimper* and a “oh! so innocent gaze” are few killer moves my boy makes to change my mood in a snap!

Telepathy I would call it, how else would you explain him reading me without me saying a word! My boy… My best buddy… Ceasor Bhatnagar! 🙂

Here I am writing a post for Dog with blog, well let’s start from the very beginning, the day I met Ceasor… He was the birthday gift for my 17th birthday. I went to this pet shop where I first saw this little bundle of trouble … he was the loudest and the most excited pup in the entire store, while the others were too timid and scared when they were bought, this little mongrel came rushing to me … slid across the tiled floor landed on my shoe and started nibbling on my laces! And the huge puppy belly of his would make him unable to stand once he was flat on the floor! Gosh I fell in love, I knew… just knew he was the one … hey, don’t want to sound cheesy but we bonded so well and since that day till today when my grown up baby had his 3rd birthday a couple of days back (17th jan) we have been the best of buddies.

And let me tell you something friends, people usually believe that when you bring a new young pooch to the house you need to train him and teach him stuff, I feel it’s totally the other way round… It’s the pet that teaches you treasured lessons that no one else could ever imbibe in you.

A dog teaches you unconditional love, patience, forgiveness, passion, and to never lets your innocence and joy die… No matter how tough the days are… a woof and wag of tail will make it all go away! As he is sitting in front of me all dressed in red, resting his head on my knee and giving me that gaze that pierces right into my soul, there is a unknown wisdom… a mystery that comes and soothes you in presence of such creatures. Those who do not have a pet are missing something HUGE… MAJOR in life.

This one is dedicated one of the best gifts that life has endowed me with, the friend of my life- Ceasor!

PS The above post was written by Jharna Bhatnagar. ‘Dog with Blog’ believes that it is the same loving heart that beats in every canine irrespective of the breed or pedigree. If you too have a story that must be told, kindly share! It may be about the stray you befriended or the pet you brought home. Keep loving dogs 🙂

7 thoughts on “How I met my best friend!”

  1. Both my boys yelled “Aye” in unison when I asked them if they would want a puppy. The ladyship, however, was adamant…..either she or a dog. Both could not coexist. For a haggard husband the choice was obvious. We were driving from Coonoor to Calcutta in 1993 when a sojourn in Chennai made it happen. My first encounter with “Scholar” a dachshund, was absolutely identical to yours. He came rushing towards me leaving all the wayward lot in the litter and clearly whimpered a vehement “let’s go”. In my life I could never imagine a puppy licking my cheek but strangely when this little sausage of a dog did the act, I felt one with him. He spent a brief four years before succumbing to ascitis. He was a nice buddy, extremely intelligent, a flirt to the paw (unmindful of his miniature frame, he would scarcely hesitate to woo a boxer six times his height). We used to go for a hunt in the wilderness and also play hide and seek. He would always locate me after fetching up the game and keep it at my feet. There are several anecdotes to relate to our time spent together. We then got a Cocker Spaniel (“Tricky”) and after him two Basset Hounds (“Chip an Dale” until I lost one of the Bassets and the agony made me return the other one and be without one. It is an unparalleled experience to have this wonderful creature with you but when they go, the pain is too much to bear.

    1. A moving account of the never fading impression that our canine friends leave on us. Agreed that the pain lingers on but then all of these nostalgic memories have love in their inception. Here’s to the memories! take care buddy!

  2. wow ! that was a beautiful response.
    @nakul – even though u haven’t met him in person.. he indeed is my fav.. more then you 😛
    @sanjay – what else can i say besides . marvelous … parting is torturous no doubt, but if one doesn’t have a pet in life … he/she doesn’t know what they are missing out on.

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